City of Pelican Rapids 




April 29, 2008

8:30 a.m.


The City of Pelican Rapids Park Board held its regular meeting at 8:30 a.m., Tuesday, April 29, 2008, Council Chambers, City Hall, 315 N Broadway.  Board Members Mel Zierke, Denise Magnusson, Colton Stone and Sandy Irey were present.  City Administrator Don Solga, Street and Park Superintendent Brian Olson and Secretary Kristi Skramstad were present. Brenda Brand and Library Director Annie M Wrigg were also present. Board Members Ross Wamre and Cary Johnson were absent.


Chairman Mel Zierke called the meeting to order.


Sandy Irey made a motion to approve the April 1, 2008 minutes. Colton Stone seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


Additions / Deletions to Agenda:     


Additions:       Update on Velo property, Thank you letter to Lake Region Electric Cooperative Employees, Banner on Mill Pond Dam


Council Actions:  Will discuss during brick wall by liquor store.


Tree Trimming By Riverview Place:


Mel has given a picture to Marlys.  To date he has not heard anything back from her.  Discussion on tree trimming.  One part of the tree hangs over he river quite a bit and the soil is eroding.  Mel will take another picture when tree is all full of leaves and show to Marlys.  Item back on agenda when Mel has further update.


Chair Project:


Denise Magnusson has ordered the chairs and they have been charged to the credit card now.  Denise will check to find out when they will be delivered.  Denise will then contact Lake Region Electric Employees to have them assemble the new chairs. Brenda Brand stated there are 14 chairs at Historic City Hall that are in need of repair.  Colton Stone said if they were dropped off at the school the shop class could repair them.  Brian will check into it.


Planter Update:


Sandy Irey has talked to a large number of the businesses and they are willing to help with watering the planters.  Discussion on planter placement, space out between lights to make more symmetrical.  Brenda Brand stated that Barnesville made laminated cards indicating which business was taking care of a planter.  Brenda volunteered to make them if needed.  Brian will look at planter placement, then Sandy can contact the businesses again. Brian also said he was going to talk to Mary Nelson to get fertilizer recommendations.  Denise and Sandy both said they would assist with dead heading the plants.


Brick Wall By Liquor Store:


Don stated that Council is in favor of the walls coming down.  They are concerned about how to display the exit signs.  They really liked the idea of having planters in that space.  They did not really like the idea of benches.  Council suggested that small trees could be put in the planters, then transplanted in the parks as they grew too big for the planters.  Don presented a drawing from Council showing flag poles with brick encasements on either side of the driveway.  Depending on snow removal issues the planters may have to be removed in the winter.  Council was fine with the E.L. Peterson park sign being relocated into the park.  Sandy stated she would like to see benches in that space.  She indicated Oktoberfest had found some nice, high backed benches that would match the planters.  Discussion on the area.  Colton Stone said he preferred the brick pillar like idea  around the flag poles. 


Denise Magnusson made a motion to recommend to Council that the brick wall be removed and the idea of planters and the flag poles be pursued as shown in the drawing Don presented to the Park Board from Council.  Colton Stone seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.


Pool Update:


Brian Olson stated that Anne Peterson has been hired as Pool Manager for this season.  A Head Lifeguard and lifeguards still need to be hired.  He hopes to work on this during the first full week in May. Brian clarified that Anne is not a lifeguard, she is there to manage the pool.  He also said that either the Head Lifeguard or Pool Manager will be at the pool when it is open. 


Condition of Parks – Individual Walk Thru Results:


Brian stated that his department has not been out working in the parks as of yet this spring.  Others said it was difficult to check on things since there is still snow.  Item will be on May agenda.


Senior Citizen – Library Parking:


Don Solga presented maps showing the Veterans’ Memorial River Park area.  The Comprehensive Plan was discussed.  Don stated Pat from Interstate Engineering is working on doing elevations.  Depending on the outcome, things may have to be shifted around.  The routing of the bike path depends on elevations. Don stated that the county is suggesting a two lane bridge with bike path replace the existing culverts.  Sandy Irey feels it is too bad such a large bridge needs to be in that area.  There was a lengthy discussion on placement of things in the park area in connection with the proposed path system. The Transportation Enhancement Grant stipulations were also being taken into consideration.  Parking issues for the Library and Senior Center were discussed. Don mentioned we need to get a proposal regarding parking lot design.  We want to get the maximum number of cars in the locations we have available. 





Velo Property:


Don Solga reported that Dale Velo is willing to donate the land near the river.  Dale’s stipulation is that it is used for parks and remains green space.  He does not want to see it used for parking and would like a memorial indicated in honor of his brother. Don said he would print out the section of property and show Dale what we are proposing.


Banner on Mill Pond Dam:


Johanna Christianson has approached Mel and she is wondering if she can place the International Friendship Festival Banner on the railing above the dam like last year.  Maybe the 125th banner could be moved to the side, then moved back after the International Friendship Festival is over.  Don will check with Wayne Runningen and Brian Olson and let Mel know.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 am.


Kristi Skramstad

Park Board Secretary

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