City of Pelican Rapids 


7/13, 1998


Pelican Rapids Public Library Meeting Room

The City Council of the City of Pelican Rapids met in regular session on Monday, 7-13-98, at 6:30 p.m., in the Pelican Rapids Public Library Meeting Room.

Present: Mayor Wayne Runningen, Council Members Paulette Nettestad, George Hanson, Dave Gottenborg and Denise Magnusson.

Absent: None

Also present: Administrative Assistant Richard A. Jenson, Deputy Clerk Treasurer Glenys Ehlert, Utilities Superintendent Brent Frazier, Streets Superintendent Vern Benson, Engineer David Rein, Scott & Jackie Backstrom, Mitch Monson, Marlan & Marlene Evenson, Ben & Bev Woessner, Art Bongers, Karen Reich, Ray Martin, Dale & Jackie Peterson, Esmer Shores, Don Perrin, Kelly Thorson and Karen Raisanen.

Meeting called to order by Mayor Wayne Runningen.

Motion by Gottenborg and second by Magnusson to approve minutes of 6-8 and 6-24-98 as presented. Motion passed unanimously.

Utility Superintendent Brent Frazier reported on activities in his departments. Rayna Benson is working as a temporary employee at the water and sewer plants. Council Member Nettestad arrived at 6:40.

Street Superintendent Vern Benson reported on activities in his department.

Mayor Wayne Runningen said Council will consider drainage issues at this time. Administrative Assistant Richard A. Jenson said the City’s engineer has been here to review drainage. The City has met with Otter Tail County Emergency Management Services Tim Hunt and with Toni Merdan of Congressman Colin Peterson’s office. Otter Tail County will be applying for a State of Minnesota Disaster declaration.

Residents of the block between 2nd and 3rd St. SE and along Hwy 59 South said new road and high alley have resulted in more water at their property.

Resident Ben Woessner said he’s been working with Street Superintendent Vern Benson for over two years about inability of storm sewer system to handle even a one inch rain.

Resident Karen Raisanen asked if anything was changed when her street was resurfaced. Administrative Assistant Richard A. Jenson replied that all catch basins and leads were replaced.

Council Member Nettestad said we have three different situations that maybe we need to look at.

Mayor Runningen said the City could have the City engineer look at these three situations and present some recommendations.

Motion by Hanson and second by Nettestad to authorize City Engineer Gary Nansen to look at these situations and present a variety of recommendations to City Council in a timely manner. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion by Nettestad and second by Hanson to introduce RESOLUTION REQUESTING A SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DISASTER DECLARATION. (A complete text is part of permanent public record in the city clerk’s office.) Motion passed unanimously and resolution declared duly adopted.

Council Member Magnusson said business people have requested that Hwy 59 be closed for safety purposes when water is so high. Large vehicles create waves which add to the problem.

Ben Woessner asked what he’s supposed to do about his losses, which are a result of drainage problems that the City knew about. Council directed Woessner to submit a claim to the City at City’s insurance agency, Nettestad Insurance.

Pursuant to due call and published notice thereof, bids were opened for Rubberized Asphalt Crack Repair and Bituminous Seal Coat for Municipal Airport.

Contractor Amount of Bid Remarks


Asphalt Surface Tech Corp

St. Joseph, MN 26,360.00 Bid Bond

Pearson Bros.

Loretto, MN 15,800.00 Bid Bond

Motion by Hanson and second by Magnusson to accept the low bid and award the contract for Rubberized Asphalt Crack Repair and Bituminous Seal Coat for Municipal Airport to the apparent low bidder, Pearson Bros. subject to verification and approval by City Engineer Gary Nansen and the State of Minnesota. Motion passed unanimously.

Mayor Wayne Runningen read a letter from City Attorney Scott Dirks regarding issuing a beer license to Ray J’s Arcade.

Council Member Gottenborg said in the arcade’s application for the gaming license they stated they wanted to provide a place for young people. He said when they add beer, they are changing their business.

Council Member Hanson requested that the City Attorney determine if the arcade is qualified as a restaurant and table the matter at this time.

Engineer David Rein said his preliminary estimate for a layered straw covering on two small anaerobic ponds at the waste water treatment facility with engineering is $150,000. A panel geo-membrane would cost $250,000 with engineering.

To increase capacity with a pump, piping and geo-membrane cover would cost $380,000 with engineering.

Motion by Gottenborg and second by Nettestad to proceed with design specs for geo-membrane covers on two waste water anaerobic ponds to trap natural gas and to add as an alternate the high efficiency piping and pumps. Motion passed unanimously.

Police Department report was reviewed.

Liquor Store report was reviewed.

Motion by Hanson and second by Gottenborg to approve payment of the 7-13-98 Accounts Payable List as presented with addition of Wayne Runningen’s mileage of $14.40. Motion passed unanimously.

Street Superintendent Vern Benson said the patch behind Ace Hardware is estimated to cost approximately $11,000. Work cannot start on project until river level goes down.

Financial Report included General Fund Budget Comparison of 5-31-98, Investment Sheet of 6-30-98 and Clerk’s Recap of 6-30-98.

Deputy Clerk-Treasurer Glenys Ehlert reported that she met with Kevan Sorenson, Sue Bruggeman and Cindy Hoggarth of Norwest Bank last week to review services that Norwest will be offering after the 9-12-98 conversion to system wide computers. Many procedures that are being manually implemented for the City at the present time will be automated with the new system.

Regarding Utility Billing Collections and Processing, Norwest provided information about procedures that will enable them to continue processing utility bills locally. City customers will be able to pay their bills as they have in the past at either Norwest or City Hall as well as at Lake Country State Bank which was added last month as a collection point.

Police Department has recommended a stop sign east bound at 3rd Ave. and 3rd St. NE. Matter tabled to next meeting and Council Member Hanson requested police be present to support their request.

Motion by Hanson and second by Gottenborg to approve payment to Egge Construction in the amount of $9611.48 for final payment for 10th Ave. SE Imp. Prj. No. 62 as recommended by City Engineer. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion by Gottenborg and second by Nettestad to authorize application for State of Minnesota transit funds and to authorize the mayor and clerk to sign agreements. Motion passed unanimously.

Council discussed their Council salaries. Council Members said system compensates the mayor and council with a base salary with $15.00 additional fee each meeting of one hour or more.

City Attorney Scott Dirks recommends the City deny permission to residents to pave 9th Ave. SW due to Street Maintenance Policy recently adopted..

Motion by Gottenborg and second by Hanson to deny request for paving on 9th Ave. SW. Motion passed unanimously.

Administrative Assistant Richard A. Jenson said property adjoining City property is available for purchase by the City.

Motion by Hanson and second by Gottenborg to authorize purchase the property adjoining the City property at listed cost. Motion passed unanimously.

Roy Fossen asked council to considered vacating the north-south stub of an alley west of his house. Council requested property owners adjoining alley sign a petition regarding vacation.

Dave Gottenborg and Wayne Runningen will serve as Budget Committee.

Council Member Gottenborg discussed Building Facilities Report. Council Member Hanson said they’re trying to come up with a composite plan. Mayor Runningen said budget deadline is 9/15/98.

Council Member Magnusson and Street Superintendent Vern Benson will meet initially to work on emergency management plan.

Mayor Runningen thanked city staff, especially Administrative Assistant Richard A. Jenson, Street Superintendent Vern Benson, Utility Superintendent Brent Frazier, Deputy Clerk Treasurer Glenys Ehlert and their employees for their work during heavy rains.

Meeting adjourned at 10:20 p.m.

Glenys Ehlert

Deputy Clerk-Treasurer


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