City of Pelican Rapids 




February 27, 2007

8:30 a.m.


 The City of Pelican Rapids Park Board held its regular meeting at 8:30 a.m., Tuesday, February 27, 2007, Council Chambers, City Hall, 315 N Broadway.  Board Chairman Mel Zierke, Board Members, Jessica Toftely, Becky Benhardus, Denise Magnusson, Cary Johnson, Ross Wamre and Sandy Irey were present.   Street and Park Superintendent Brian Olson, City Administrator Don Solga and Secretary Kristi Skramstad were also present. 


Approval of  January 30, 2007 Minutes


Ross Wamre made a motion to approve the January 30, 2007 minutes.  Sandy Irey seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.


Additions to Agenda:            

Early Childhood Initiative Playground Project, River Park Name.


Council Actions since January 30, 2007 Meeting: 


There were no Council actions since January 30, 2007 meeting.


Trinity Church Land:


Brian Olson reported he has written up an agreement and will review it with Don Solga.  Brian Olson will present it to Trinity Church.


Pelican Rapids Apartment Land - Don Solga: 


Don Solga stated that he sent them a second letter on February 9th and has not heard back from them.


Pelican Pete Slippery When Wet Sign:


Brian Olson and Ross Wamre presented four slippery when wet picture signs for the area near Pelican Pete.  A discussion was had on placement and type of sign.  The cost would be around $45. Brian Olson stated the sign could be hung on the east side of the steps on the railing. 


Sandy Irey made a motion to purchase the sign letter C on the list of choices shown for area by Pelican Pete.  Ross Wamre seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously. 


Brian Olson will present the idea to the City Council.


Historic City Hall Basement:


Brian Olson reported that the basement has been cleaned out.  The records have been moved to the Public Works Facility.  It will be easier for Wayne Runningen and Richard Jenson to review the documents.  The Park Board thanked Brian and his department for their assistance in this large project.


Historic City Hall Agreement :


Don Solga reported that the Chamber is working on putting together a volunteer group in order to have Historic City Hall open a few hours on a daily basis.  They are checking with the state because it is a designated Tourist Information Center to find out what has to be displayed.  They are trying to encourage membership in the Chamber and find a good balance as to what is going to work.  At this time the building is not open.  Mel Zierke asked if the Park Board needed to do anything.  Don Solga commented that the Chamber will need to spend time to re-organize and to clean out the upstairs.


 Hamburger Helper Grant: 


Brian Olson stated he did not have an update on the Hamburger Helper Grant.  Members were again reminded to go to their website  and post comments about the need for the new hockey boards.  Tell others to do so as well.


Y- Monument Update – Don Solga:


Don Solga explained that the project has been turned over to the Otter Tail County Historical Society.  Their intent is to get grant money and try and repair the monument in 2007.  Don Solga stated he would contact Chris and see where they are at with the project.


Don Solga will let us know when to put the item back on the agenda.  It was also decided that the Hamburger Helper Grant and the Pelican Rapids Apartments Land would not be on the agenda each month.  They will be added as they need to be discussed.


Swimming Pool Policy – Brian Olson:


Brian Olson presented a draft of the job description for lifeguards.  It was discussed that the Aquatics Director for this season should have input in the job description for lifeguards. Brian Olson stated he would contact Jessica Zsedeny to see if she was interested in coming back as Aquatics Director in 2007.


Skating Rink – Brian Olson:


Brian Olson stated that moving the rink is pending School Board approval.


The rink was used a lot last month when the weather was cooler.  If the weather stays warmer it will likely not reopen this winter.


Chair Project:


The chairs are at Historic City Hall.  Brian Olson stated that if Mel Zierke and Cary Johnson give him a few days notice they can be moved to the Public Works Facility to be sprayed.  The goal is to complete this in March.


Early Childhood Initiative Playground Project:


A letter to Early Childhood Initiative stating that we would donate in-kind labor for removal of the old park equipment in the event new equipment is acquired was signed by members.  Brian Olson stated he did not have an update at this time.


River Park:


Minutes from the City Council Meeting on June 27, 2006 were presented.  The minutes state the official name of this area as Veterans’ Memorial River Park.


Other Park Board Items:


Brian Olson stated that any kiosk placements need to be marked before sprinkler system in E.L. Peterson Park is installed.


Kristi Skramstad asked if the Park Board thought it was a good idea to post Park Board minutes on the City website.  It was agreed it is a good idea.  Kristi will check into getting the minutes on the website.


3 to 5 year Plan Update: (See for plan for other updates)


The lean to by the horseshoe pits was discussed.  Brian Olson and Ross Wamre will look at it to see what is involved in possibly restructuring it.  Item will be on March agenda.


Windmill Building – Cary Johnson may know someone who may be interesting in repairing and painting the building.  Cary will have him contact Brian Olson.


Repairing or replacing the park signs was discussed.  Cary Johnson may know someone who is interested when the time comes. 


Sandy Irey stated she is concerned about the chain link fence area north of Riverside Laundromat.  Brian Olson said his department is planning on cleaning the area up in the spring and eventually removing the fence.


Don Solga reminded members to get numbers together for projects that need to be completed in 2008 and get to him as soon as possible so items can be planned for and budgeted for.


There was a discussion on the Sherin Park area.  The bath house faucets are in need of replacing.  The item will be moved to 2008.  The campsites were also discussed.  Brian Olson and Ross Wamre will put together a drawing and quote.  The item will be on the March agenda.


The grants and bridges in the Veterans’ Memorial River Park area were discussed.  Don Solga mentioned there was a city in Minnesota that was disposing of a bridge.  Don will check into it and bring pictures and specifications to next meeting.  The bridge must meet DNR height requirements. Item will be on the March agenda.


Skate Park – Jessica Toftely and Becky Benhardus were asked to talk to Brandon Bakken at school to see if he is interested in heading a Skate Park committee.


Pelican Pete – Brian Olson asked that the kiosk be delivered to the Public Works Facility at 42681 Co Hwy 9.  Sandy Irey is on the Oktoberfest Committee and will let them know.


Meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.




Kristi Skramstad

Park Board Secretary 

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