City of Pelican Rapids 




November 27, 2007

8:30 a.m.


The City of Pelican Rapids Park Board held its regular meeting at 8:30 a.m., Tuesday, Nocember 27, 2007, Council Chambers, City Hall, 315 N Broadway.  Board Members Mel Zierke, Cary Johnson, Denise Magnusson, Ross Wamre and Sandy Irey were present.  Street and Park Superintendent Brian Olson and Secretary Kristi Skramstad were also present. 


City Administrator Don Solga was absent.


Chairman Mel Zierke called the meeting to order.


Approval of October 30, 2007 Minutes


Ross Wamre made a motion to approve the October 30, 2007 minutes.  Sandy Irey seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.


Additions / Deletions to Agenda:     


Additions: River Runs North Sign


Council Actions Since Last Meeting:


There were no council actions since the October meeting.


Community Map (Antique Store):


Mayor Runningen feels this is a Park Board project.  Mel Zierke presented a picture of the current sign.  There was a discussion regarding need and content of sign.  It was decided to first contact the owners of the building where the sign is currently displayed.  Kristi Skramstad will draft a letter to them asking permission to remove the sign, update the sign and then mount the new sign to the building in the same position.


Tree Trimming:


Mel Zierke has talked to Marlys Johnson.  He will continue to visit with her about trimming the tree by the river.


Sherin Park:


Ross Wamre did a preliminary layout of the area.  There was a discussion.  Camping is again becoming a favorite family activity. Brian Olson stated he would like to see self contained, designated sites.  Ross Wamre will get a hold of Gene Miller to get his plan regarding the trail system that he is working on.  Item will be on December agenda.


Student Park Board Members:


Denise Magnusson said she has dropped off applications at the high school.  They were going to make an announcement.  Denise will keep connecting with school to see if they have received any applications.


Rotary BBQ Pits:


Ideas for the Rotary BBQ pits were discussed.  Mel stated he likes the idea of moving them to the west end.  Brian stated that this would be a great project for Rotary.  The pits are in need of repair.  The City has replaced plywood covers numerous times and has also patched the bricks.  The pits are really deteriorating.  Ross and Brian will work on a visual idea to present to Rotary. Item will be on December agenda.


Brick Wall by Liquor Store:


Cary Johnson came up with a visual idea that would open up the area to E.L. Peterson Park and would also provide seating.  Mel and Sandy felt Oktoberfest may be interested in donating to this project in 2008.  It was decided to go ahead and gather more information on this project. Discussion on placement of flags.  Brian will ask Egge’s for an estimate to demolish the existing wall.  Cary will print out idea for December meeting.  Cary also volunteered to get a materials list and contact the high school shop class for estimate.  Item will be on December agenda.  Mel thanked Cary for his work on this project.


Jeff Pogalz Land:


It was reported that they have not yet responded to the letter Don sent giving them a November 16 deadline.


Veterans’ Memorial River Park:


Ross Wamre expressed his disappointment that bids were not accepted for this project.  KLJ has already done a lot of the preliminary work up front for this project without cost to the city and KLJ does have expertise in the Enhancement Grant process.   Ross also stated he was worked on drawings for the parking and ampitheatre and the item should be on January 2008 agenda. Mel thanked Ross for all of his work.


Other Park Board Items:


The 3 to 5 Year Plan and the Checklist were reviewed.


Brian recommends we find a new location for the River Runs North Sign as MnDot is becoming more difficult to work with.  Sandy stated she would talk to Marlys Johnson and see if the sign can be mounted to her building.  Item will be on December agenda.


Historic City Hall – Brian explained that Brenda Brand has approached him regarding installing a Chamber of Commerce sign that would be mounted to the building.  There was a discussion and it was decided that a sign mounted to the building would not be allowed since Council had denied putting holes in the brick building in the past.


Brian reported that moving the skating rink is coming along nicely.  They are planning on moving the warming house soon.  The school has also added 4 more lights for the area.  Otter Tail Power will also put of flood lights if necessary.  Brian stated he really likes the new location and the boards were much easier to put up.


Chairs – Cary Johnson wondered where the chairs were going to be stored.  Denise Magnusson stated that some of them could come to Maplewood Veterinary & Animal Hospital.  Brian stated he will stop and talk to the business owners and see how many of them could store the chairs themselves.


Mel Zierke reported that the north light on the welcome sign on Hwy 59 north is out and the south light on the south welcome sign is out.  Brian said the bulbs and eyes were just replaced, but he would check into it.


The next meeting will be December 18th.


Meeting adjourned at 10:10 am



Kristi Skramstad

Park Board Secretary

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