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The City of Pelican Rapids City Council met in regular session at 4:30 p.m., on Tuesday,

10-30-07, in Council Chambers, City Hall.  Mayor Wayne Runningen, Council Members Ben Woessner, Richard Peterson, David Gottenborg and John E. Waller, III, were present.  No one was absent.  Administrator Don Solga, Assistant Clerk Julie Lammers, Police Chief Scott Fox, Street and Parks Superintendent Brian Olson, Library Director Annie Wrigg, Florencio and Nellie Barragan and their two sons, Engineering Associate Jim Domholt of Great Plains Natural Gas and Kelley Gorman of the Pelican Rapids Press were also present.


Mayor Runningen called meeting to order.


Minnesota Lawful Gambling Permit Application, Park Region Storm Drain and River Park Engineering Project were added to the agenda.  There were no deletions.


Administrator Don Solga explained the need for a natural gas line extension due to West Central Turkeys’ expansion project.  Great Plains Natural Gas Company Engineering Associate Jim Domholt provided information on the project. Motion by Gottenborg, seconded by Woessner to approve that the City of Pelican Rapids grants to MDU Inc., d/b/a Great Plains Natural Gas Company a perpetual right of way for the transportation of gas, oil or other substances which can be transported through a pipe line, along a route to be selected by Great Plains, over, through, upon, under and across the following described premises situated and lying in the County of Otter Tail, State of Minnesota, to-wit:  That part of the South Half of the Southeast Quarter (S1/2SE1/4) lying south of the river and north of River View Addition, all in Section Twenty-two (22), Township One Hundred Thirty-six (136), Range Forty-three (43) North. (A complete text of this easement is part of permanent public record in the city clerk's office.) Motion passed unanimously.


 Administrator Don Solga read letter from Florencio Barragan regarding his building project and giving dates of 05-30-08 to complete windows and siding and house complete by 11-30-08.  Barragan has applied for a building permit for the project.  Motion by Woessner, seconded by Waller to accept Florencio Barragan’s timeline for completion of building project at 1212 S. Broadway.  Motion passed unanimously. 


Council reviewed the Accounts Payable Listing of 10-30-07.  Motion by Peterson, seconded by Waller to approve payment of the Accounts Payable Listing of 10-30-07 as presented.  Motion passed unanimously.


The Planning Commission met on Monday, 10-15-07, to discuss Lake Region Electric Cooperative’s request for a lot split.  Planning Commission recommended approval of the request.  Motion by Gottenborg, seconded by Peterson to accept the Planning Commission’s recommendation and approve the application of Lake Region Electric Cooperative to split Block 2 of Original Townsite of Pelican Rapids, Minnesota into Parcel A and the remainder.  Parcel A is described on the attached Certificate of Survey of 09-19-07, Ulteig Engineers and is 252.96 ft. on the west boundary, 424.90 ft. on the north boundary, 236.45 ft. on the east boundary and 413.24 ft. on the south boundary.  Lake Region Electric Cooperative will also provide an easement to State Bank and their tenants for the use of the driveway entering from Hwy. 59.  Motion passed unanimously.  Council Members Dave Gottenborg, Ben Woessner, John Waller III, and Richard Peterson voted yes.  Mayor Wayne Runningen abstained.  Motion approved.


Police Chief Scott Fox requested permission to fill two positions in the police department. A fulltime eligibility list is still active from interviews done ten months prior.   Administrator Don Solga and Chief Fox recommend using this eligibility list.  The top ranking person on the list is still interested in the fulltime position.  Administrator Don Solga and Chief Fox recommend hiring Keith Rogal to fill the fulltime position and Tyler Trieglaff as part time officer.  Peterson questioned why fulltime position was not posted. Fox said the position was not posted due to the decision to use the eligibility list.  Council discussed possibility of creating a hiring policy.


Motion by Gottenborg, seconded by John Waller III to approve hiring Keith Rogal as fulltime police officer and Tyler Trigloff as part time police officer. Motion passed unanimously. 


Motion by Waller, seconded by Peterson to pay Keith Rogal $16.07 per hour, the second step on the full time police officer salary schedule.  Motion passed unanimously.


Administrator Don Solga discussed hiring process and indicated that it is Council’s decision if they want to develop a written policy. 


Council Member Richard Peterson and Administrator Don Solga met to discuss proposed airport development with the State of Minnesota on 10-15-07.  The State does not condone shared private and City owned airports.  Private airports cannot receive state aid.  The City may rent land and allow others to build hangers.  The State is requiring that the City hire a consultant and complete an abbreviated master plan and have an updated airport layout plan done. There is an 80% grant available through the State for planning.  Council also discussed 80% loan for hangers.  Motion by Peterson, seconded by Gottenborg to cease negotiations on private airport development at this time due to information received from the State of Minnesota.  Motion passed unanimously.


City Council authorized Administrator Don Solga to contact Ulteig Engineers regarding airport master plan and updated airport layout plan. 


Administrator Don Solga explained that the City has a draft proposal from Ulteig Engineers to do an eight plane t-hangar with costs ranging from $385,000 to $480,000.  Currently the City does not have the cash flow to fund this.  Discussed looking for ways to fund this and/or reduce costs if Council decides it is important.   Council needs to consider the impact of an additional hangar on the economy in Pelican Rapids. 


Airport Maintenance and Operations Agreement and Resolution were discussed.  Motion by Gottenborg, seconded by Waller to introduce the following resolution, entitled AUTHORIZATION TO EXECUTE MINNESOTA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION GRANT AGREEMENT FOR AIRPORT MAINTENANCE AND OPERATION, authorizing Administrator Don Solga and Mayor Wayne Runningen to sign the Maintenance and Operations Agreement on behalf of the City of Pelican Rapids.  (A complete text of this resolution is part of permanent public record in the city clerk's office.)  Motion passed unanimously.


Administrator Don Solga, Street and Park Superintendent Brian Olson and Council Member Richard Peterson discussed future street improvement projects.  A map of potential projects was distributed.  Council directed Administrator Solga to obtain a scope of work and cost estimate from Ulteig Engineers for project.


Assistant Clerk Julie Lammers explained that 37 2nd St NW had the curb stop and service line repaired and they have requested that the bills from Egge Construction in the amount of $622.31 and Pelican Plumbing in the amount of $1066.38 be assessed to their property and paid for over a ten year period. Motion by Peterson, seconded by Waller to certify the amount of $1688.69 to Parcel No. 76000990375000 for a collection by Otter Tail County with real estate taxes.  Motion passed unanimously.


Motion by Waller, seconded by Peterson to certify an unpaid utility bill in the amount of $143.24 to parcel no. 76000220009000 for collection by Otter Tail County with real estate taxes.  Motion passed unanimously.


Administrator Don Solga reported that Veteran’s Memorial River Park bridge engineering needs to be completed for Transportation Enhancement Grant of 2010. Solga requested authorization to work with Pat Reisnour of Interstate Engineering due to Reisnour’s experience with bridges and this grant.  Motion by Gottenborg, seconded by Waller to give Solga authorization to contact Pat Reisnour of Interstate Engineering regarding the Veteran’s Memorial River Park bridge.  Motion passed unanimously


Administrator Don Solga reported on Park Region Cooperative project regarding storm water.  Solga requested approval from City Council to obtain an easement from Park Region Cooperative and permit installation of an additional storm drain catch basin.   Motion by Peterson, seconded by Waller to permit Park Region Cooperative to install a storm drain catch basin at their expense and provide an easement for same to the City of Pelican Rapids. Motion passed unanimously.


St. Leonard’s Parish applied for a gaming permit from the State of Minnesota.  Motion by Woessner, seconded by Peterson to approve St. Leonard’s Parish application with no waiting period for an exempt permit to conduct a raffle on 12-16-07.  Motion passed unanimously


Administrator Don Solga said that Lake Country Service Cooperative has provided board member applications if any Council Members would like to apply.


Administrator Don Solga reviewed a letter from School Superintendent Deborah Wanek.  The letter discussed designating the west side of Hwy 59 in front of the high school as a no parking zone and requested replacement of the crosswalk signs that were located at the school crosswalks.  Matter will be considered after School District’s action on no parking zone at their meeting of 11-12-07.


Administrator Don Solga discussed the Draft Housing Study which was sent to Council Members for their review.  Solga said he would like Community Partners Research, Inc. to include a priority list since the City has needs in a variety of housing areas.  The final version will be presented to the City Council in two months.  


Motion by Waller, seconded by Peterson to adjourn the City Council meeting at 6:45 p.m. for the Economic Development Authority meeting.  Motion passed unanimously.


Council reconvened at 6:49 p.m.


Motion by Waller, seconded by Peterson to authorize the Economic Development Authority’s actions to approve the Accounts Payable Listing of 10-30-07, to approve the minutes of 09-25-07 as presented and to approve Payment Request No. 6 for Fire Hall Construction project to R.A. Bristlin & Son, Inc., in the amount of $87,240.  Motion passed unanimously.


Meeting adjourned at 6:50 p.m.



Julie Lammers, CMC

Assistant Clerk





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