City of Pelican Rapids 


4/25, 1996


The City Council of the City of Pelican Rapids met in a regular session on 4-25-96, at 12:45 p.m., at the Pelican Rapids Public Library meeting room.

Present: Mayor James O. McDonald, Councilmembers Wayne Runningen, LeRoy Martens, Phil Stotesbery and Paulette Nettestad. Absent: None.

Also present: Administrative Assistant Richard A. Jenson, Supt. of Utilities Brent E. Frazier, Supt. of Streets Vernon L. Benson, Deputy Clerk-Treasurer Glenys Ehlert, Bruce Gratz of Lake Country State Bank, Dave Weaklend of Lake Region Electric Cooperative, and Gary Peterson of Pelican Rapids Press.

Motion by Martens, seconded by Nettestad approving change of City Council meeting time for Thursday meetings from 12 noon to begin after EDA meeting. Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting called to order by Mayor James O. McDonald. .

Administrative Assistant Richard A. Jenson reviewed Planning Commission's hearing on LREC's request for a zone change from existing agricultural (A) zone to commercial (C) zone and a special use permit to allow installation of an underground fuel system on property located within the Shoreland area of Lyden Lake and described as follows: NW1/4 NE1/4 Section 34, City of Pelican Rapids, Minnesota. Planning Commission recommended that zone change be approved on west 40 acres as requested. After discussion, Martens moved for final approval, Stotesbery seconded. Voting yes: Mayor McDonald, Councilmembers Martens, Stotesbery and Nettestad. Voting no: None. Abstaining: Councilmember Runningen. Motion carried.

Planning Commission recommended approval of a special use permit to LREC to allow the installation of a fueling facility at the above location, subject to the following requirements:

1. Follow all requirements of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

2. Submit and get approval of plans of the State Fire Marshall.

After discussion, Nettestad moved for final approval, and Martens seconded. Voting yes: Mayor McDonald, Councilmembers Martens, Stotesbery and Nettestad. Voting no: None. Abstaining: Councilmember Runningen. Motion carried.

Jenson reviewed Minnesota Department of Transportation's reply to city's request to access Hwy 59 at 10th Ave SE.

Councilmember Runningen suggested continuing the bike path along part of frontage road rather than maintaining the frontage road.

Property owners Bruce Gratz, Lakes Country State Bank, and Phil Stotesbery, Larry's Supermarket, discussed various options with the city council.

Gratz said he'd like to see 10th Ave SE punched through and paved and frontage road maintained and paved. Stotesbery asked if city was proposing to close frontage road if 10th Ave SE is punched through to Hwy 59.

Jenson recommended property owners petition city for requested services concerning 10th Ave SE and frontage road.

Motion by Stotesbery, seconded by Runningen to approve payment to Bonestroo Rosene Anderlik and Associates for Wastewater Treatment Facility Expansion No. 1 for $1,061.61 and for Wastewater Treatment Facility Expansion No. 2 for $12,082.41 for engineering. Motion passed unanimously.

Councilmember Runningen would like to see a vehicle rotation program. He said last year the city spent money on repairs to older vehicles that could have gone toward purchase of new vehicles.

Motion by Runningen, seconded by Nettestad to authorize a purchase of a 3/4 ton, 4 wheel drive pickup for the Street Department and to require disposal of 83 Plymouth sedan. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion by Martens, seconded by Runningen for resolution proclaiming Municipal Clerks' Week 5-5 through 5-11-96. (A complete text is part of permanent public record in the city cake's office.) Voting yes: Mayor McDonald, Council members Nettestad, Martens, Stotesbery, and Runningen. Voting no: None. Motion passed unanimously and resolution declared duly adopted.

Motion by Nettestad, seconded by Martens to adjourn meeting to 5-3-96 at 12 noon in the library.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

Glenys Ehlert, CMC                                           Deputy Clerk-Treasurer

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