City of Pelican Rapids 


2/26, 1997


The City Council of the City of Pelican Rapids met in regular session on Wednesday, 2-26-97, at 3:00 p.m., in the Pelican Rapids Public Library meeting room.

Present: Mayor Wayne Runningen, Council Members George Hanson, Paulette Nettestad, Denise Magnusson and Dave Gottenborg.

Absent: None

Also present: Administrative Assistant Richard A. Jenson, Deputy Clerk-Treasurer Glenys Ehlert, Street Superintendent Vern Benson, Utilities Superintendent Brent Frazier, Jim McDonald and Christie Peryl.

Meeting called to order by Mayor Runningen.

Motion by Nettestad and second by Hanson to approve payment to CBI for Pay Estimate No. 2 in the amount of $241,300 for Water Tower Project as recommended by city engineer Gary Nansen of Larson, Peterson and Associates. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion by Hanson and second by Magnusson to approve payment to Forrest Carpenter for January economic development in the amount of $1,352.82 as recommended by Administrative Assistant Richard Jenson. Motion passed unanimously.

Steve Stanley, formerly of St. Croix Valley Homes, has requested a one year extension for development agreement for project and a name change from St. Croix Valley Homes to Pelican Rapids Townhomes Limited Partnership.

Motion by Nettestad and second by Magnusson to introduce the following resolution, entitled RESOLUTION APPROVING EXECUTION OF A DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE CITY OF PELICAN RAPIDS AND PELICAN RAPIDS TOWNHOMES, LP, AND THE ISSUANCE OF A TAX INCREMENT REVENUE NOTE PURSUANT THERETO. (A complete text is part of permanent public record in the city clerk’s office.) Voting yes: Mayor Runningen, Council Members Nettestad, Magnusson, Hanson and Gottenborg. Voting no: none. Motion passed unanimously and resolution declared duly adopted.

Mayor Runningen introduced Jim McDonald, President of Friends of Maplewood State Park and former mayor. McDonald reviewed construction grant that has been designated for a walking/biking path from the City to Maplewood State Park. The Friends are planning events to raise local share of funding. City Attorney Scott Dirks will draft a resolution authorizing "Friends" to pursue funding.

Police Chief Greg Ballard presented a bid from Superior Ford for a 1997 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor in the amount of $19,649.00. He will be compiling a list of equipment for new car that he expects to cost about $3,000.

Motion by Gottenborg and second by Nettestad to accept the above bid and authorize purchase of a 1997 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor from Superior Ford. Motion passed unanimously.

Ballard recommends hiring Scott Sachs as a part-time police officer at $8.96 per hour per union contract.

Motion by Gottenborg and second by Hanson to hire Scott Sachs as a part-time, not to exceed 30 hours per week, police officer at $8.96 per hour per union contract. Motion passed unanimously. Welcome Scott.

Motion by Gottenborg and second by Nettestad to set bid date for Industrial Park speculative building, as recommended by the Economic Development Authority, for 3-26-97 at 3:00 p.m. in the Pelican Rapids Public Library and to determine financing package prior to accepting and awarding bids. Motion passed unanimously.

Council considered Old Fergus Road petition which is requesting a rural section improvements to Old Fergus Road, 10th Ave. SW and 6th Ave. SW.

Christie Peryl, Old Fergus Road property owner, was present for discussion. She stated that the road cannot be paved because the base is very poor. Council Member Nettestad said the City either needs to find a way to maintain Old Fergus Road or authorize a rural section improvement.

Peryl said it’s just a poor part of town, and residents can't afford road improvements. The money's not there. Administrative Assistant Jenson said area has not been ignored - the City has spent $20,000 maintaining the road.

Council Member Nettestad suggested closing Old Fergus Road to through traffic and force Hidden Acres Trailer Court to find another way to town.

Administrative Assistant Jenson is checking with WACCO about dust guard that appears to be under $2,000 per application instead of price quoted several years ago.

Council Member Hanson suggested using dust guard this year and requesting that Economic Developer Forrest Carpenter check into grants to upgrade neighborhood and/or streets.

Council discussed options to block off Old Fergus Road and redirect traffic. "Blade it up, throw crushed asphalt where the rough areas are, dust guard it and look at it again," Jenson recommended.

Motion by Hanson and second by Gottenborg to accept report for informational purposes but take no action on project at this time. Also the City should proceed to blade, add crushed asphalt where needed and apply dust guard to Old Fergus Road. Motion passed unanimously.

Administrative Assistant Jenson said there were some properties omitted during notification process for Street Reconstruction Project.

Motion by Hanson and second by Nettestad to set hearing for reconstruction portion of project omitted from previous hearing for 3/10/97 at 8:00 p.m. in the Pelican Rapids public library meeting room. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion by Hanson and second by Magnusson to certify the following unpaid utility bills to Otter Tail County for collection with real estate taxes: PIN 117 - $162.24, PIN 173-003 - $81.68 and PIN 312 - $87.87. Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Glenys Ehlert, CMC

Deputy Clerk-Treasurer

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