City of Pelican Rapids 


6/25, 1997


The City Council of Pelican Rapids met in regular session on Monday, 6/25/97, at 3:00 p.m. in the Pelican Rapids Public Library Meeting Room.

PRESENT: Mayor Wayne Runningen, Council Members George Hanson, Paulette Nettestad, Denise Magnusson and Dave Gottenborg. ABSENT: None.

ALSO PRESENT: Administrative Assistant Richard Jenson, Deputy Clerk-Treasurer Glenys Ehlert, Utilities Superintendent Brent Frazier, Streets Superintendent Vern Benson, Engineer David Rein, Gary Peterson of Pelican Rapids Press, Danny Dunlap, Stephen Nagle, Stephanie Larson, LouAnn Schleske, Mazie Wick, Henry Emmel, Gordon Goepferd, Justin Miller, Everett Ballard, Estelle Dellaneva, Dawn Dellaneva, Cory Elmore and Tim Flaherty.

Meeting called to order by Mayor Runningen.

Various items were added to agenda.

Engineer David Rein discussed problem at Wastewater Treatment Facility which is primarily a solids problem. Water temperature is a problem; water is too cold. Flow is too fast through clarifier. He's attempting to operate plant as a trickling filter/activated sludge contact facility. If successful he will be recommending some changes in piping and pumping. At this time it appears the smaller anaerobic pond should be covered and the clarifiers should be insulated.

Tim Flaherty of Coalition of Great Minnesota Cities discussed the Coalition's position on many areas of interest to non-metro cities. He also presented a 1997 Omnibus Tax Bill Summary. He invited council members to attend the summer conference and to serve on any committees. Business meeting will be from 9-12 noon on Friday, 8-8-97, and there is no charge to attend. Cory Elmore was also present for the Coalition.

Danny Dunlap and Steve Nagle of Otter Tail County Community Action Council gave a presentation on stress panel housing recently built in New York Mills in cooperation with the City of New York Mills.

Motion by Gottenborg and second by Hanson to authorize a support letter for City of Pelican Rapids to participate with Community Action Council in a joint project to build affordable, single family houses for moderate income people in Pelican Rapids. Motion passed unanimously.

Administrative Assistant Richard A. Jenson reported he's been working with Juran and Moody and put together a $1,450,000 bond sale for two projects, 10th Ave. SE Improvement Project No. 62 and Street Reconstruction Project No. 63, to be set for 7-30-97 at 3:00 p.m. at the Pelican Rapids Public Library.

Motion by Nettestad and second by Gottenborg to introduce the following written resolution, setting the above bond sale and entitled, RESOLUTION DETERMINING TO SELL $1,450,000 GENERAL OBLIGATION IMPROVEMENT BONDS OF 1997, CALLING FOR PROPOSALS AND FIXING THE DATE OF SALE. (A complete text of resolution is part of permanent public record in the city clerk’s office.) Voting yes: Mayor Runningen, Council Members Nettestad, Gottenborg, Magnusson and Hanson. Motion passed unanimously and resolution declared duly adopted.

Everett Ballard of Ballard Sanitation reported on Clean-Up Day. He said the project received too much publicity. Should have specified area and time to start so trucks wouldn't have to back track. There were 196 man hours in project. Cost will be around $6,700 plus tax. Mayor Runningen said he has received several thank-you's from city residents.

Acting Mayor Nettestad assumed chair for discussion on all terrain vehicles ordinance. Justin Miller has provided sample ordinances from other cities. Council Member Gottenborg said he felt City of Babbitt's ordinance could be revised for City of Pelican Rapids.

Motion by Gottenborg and second by Hanson to adopt Ordinance No 97-6 entitled, "AN ORDINANCE REGULATING ALL TERRAIN VEHICLES. (A complete text will be published and is on file as part of permanent public record in the City Clerk's office.) Voting yes: Council Members Hanson, Magnusson and Gottenborg. Voting No: Council Member Nettestad. Abstaining: Mayor Runningen. Motion carried and ordinance will be considered duly adopted after publication.

Mayor Runningen requested a motion to consider rural section improvements on 10th Ave. SW.

Motion by Nettestad and second by Magnusson to permit rural section improvementson 10th Ave. SW.

Council discussed some alternatives to rural section improvements. Council Member Nettestad listed the following reasons to support a rural section in this area: property owners requested rural section improvement and they will pay for it, large lots make assessments very large, existing development makes this area an exception, there's no planned future development due to division of lots, paving will provide protection from dust and increased traffic has resulted from trailer court outside city limits.

Mayor Runningen said that the community has several roads that will see increased use and he feels whole city must be considered.

Council Member Gottenborg said he practices in a community with a rural section road and it looks unfinished and people park all over. He also itemized the following conditions:

1. The first half of street is urban.

2. Drainage on the section farthest west where it adjoins Old Fergus Road is a concern.

3. We’ve assessed people a second time with a reconstruct.

4. General feeling of constituents that I’ve talked to say urban.

Council Member Hanson agreed that the Council has to look for the development of the City.

The question was called on motion to permit rural section improvements on 10th Ave. SW. Voting yes: Council Members Magnusson and Nettestad. Voting No: Mayor Runningen, Council Members Gottenborg and Hanson. Motion was not carried.

Estelle and Dawn Dellaneva were present to discuss possible site for Head Start facilities. Administrative Assistant Richard A. Jenson will notify Head Start of site availability and will reply to Estelle Dellaneva.

Administrative Assistant Richard A. Jenson reported on Pelican Townhomes Ltd. project. Land closing will be 7-10-97 and construction will start 7-16-97.

Gerry Henry wishes to purchase Industrial Park Lot 2, northwest of present Attachments International building. Administrative Assistant Richard A. Jenson recommended approval of sale.

Motion by Hanson and second by Magnusson to authorize sale of Industrial Park Lot 2 to Attachments International for $10,000. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion by Hanson and second by Nettestad to authorize City Attorney Scott Dirks to draft an ordinance or requirements for aircraft sprayers to construct containment structure at airport. Motion passed unanimously. Council also recommended that penalties be discussed regarding prior incident.

Street Superintendent Vern Benson reported on quotes for new park lawn mower.

Motion by Hanson and second by Magnusson to authorize purchase of John Deere model 425 mower at a cost of $6750. Motion passed unanimously.

Rick Ell has expressed interest in City vacating alley west of Super Valu building. Administrative Assistant Richard A. Jenson requested that council members inspect property before next meeting.

Motion by Hanson and second by Magnusson to authorize a 4% increase per non-union employees’ salary schedule for swimming instructor for 1997. Motion passed unanimously.

Jaycees presented a request for temporary beer license to conduct a Beer Garden in connection with Turkey Festival on 7-18 & 7-19-97. The Jaycees will observe same rules and regulations as in past.

Motion by Hanson and second by Magnusson to approve a temporary beer license to Pelican Rapids Jaycees for 7-18 & 7-19-97 Beer Garden subject to receipt of application fee and proof of liability insurance. Motion passed unanimously.

Council Member Gottenborg requested consideration of an agenda on Friday before Monday meeting and Monday before Wednesday meetings. Also he proposed that members vote additions and deletions as first item of business after call to order. No action was taken but council members expressed willingness to consider matter.

Meeting adjourned at 6:00 p.m.

Glenys Ehlert, CMC

Deputy Clerk-Treasurer

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