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City of Pelican Rapids



October 28, 2008

8:30 a.m.


The City of Pelican Rapids Park Board held its regular meeting at 8:30 a.m., Tuesday, October 28, 2008, Council Chambers, City Hall, 315 N Broadway.  Board Members, Sandy Irey, Mel Zierke and Student Member Mikayla Jensen were present. City Administrator Don Solga, Street and Park Superintendent Brian Olson and Secretary Kristi Skramstad were also present.


Board Members Denise Magnusson, Sally Huynh and Cary Johnson were absent.


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mel Zierke.


Due to lack of a quorum the September 30, 2008 minutes were not approved.  Item will be on November agenda.


There were no Council Actions since the last meeting.


BBQ Pits:


The condition of the BBQ Pits was discussed.  Brian Olson suggested inviting Rotary members on a tour of the BBQ pits.  Brian will also contact Brad at Lakes Country Service Cooperative regarding the inspection report.  Brian will also contact Karl Grefsrud to get more specific details about the design of the tops of the BBQ pits.  Mel Zierke and Sandy Irey volunteered to go to Rotary in order to come up with a solution together.  Brian will contact Glenys Ehlert to get on the Rotary program.


Antique Store Sign:


Brian had a painter look at the sign and he advised us to get a skin made to put over the sign.  Mel Zierke and Brian Olson will get estimates. Item will be on November agenda.


220 Electricity:


Don and Brian met with Cyndy Stotesbery regarding Art In The Park.  She feels there is not need for 220 in Sherin Park, vendors can be moved around.  In order to get 220 in Peterson Park, which is necessary the cost will be $900, to be split in 3 equal ways between the Chamber of Commerce, City and The Shake Shack – this quote is good until Spring 2009. Brian will follow up with Cyndy to make sure.  Item will be on November agenda.



Park Board Opening:


An application was received and was reviewed by members.  Due to lack of quorum item could not be acted upon at this meeting. Item will be on November agenda.





Flag Poles on Dam Area:


Mel presented pictures with the flag poles photo shopped in.  Brian needs to find out about putting pulleys on the poles he has from the brick wall. Brian will also talk to Johanna Christianson about need of existing pole during Friendship Festival.  Item will be on November agenda.


Other Park Board Items:


Don Solga gave an update on Veterans’ Memorial River Park.  MnDot requires a preliminary project memo.  Interstate Engineering will submit.  There are going to be some changes due to the bridge requirements (to be determined by Otter Tail County). Don also said that the elevations may not work with the trail for handicap accessibility.  Don will try and get a layout from Interstate Engineering for the November meeting.  Item will be on November agenda.


There was a discussion regarding the tree along the river which blocks the view of the pelican. It was decided to let nature take its course.


Brian Olson reported that the Jenn Swing has been ordered for E.L Peterson Park.  Item was donated by Rotary.


Chairman Zierke adjourned the meeting at 9:25 am.



Kristi Skramstad

Park Board Secretary


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