City of Pelican Rapids 




July 29, 2008

8:30 a.m.


The City of Pelican Rapids Park Board held its regular meeting at 8:30 a.m., Tuesday, July 29, 2008, Council Chambers, City Hall, 315 N Broadway.  Board Members, Denise Magnusson, Cary Johnson, Sandy Irey and Mel Zierke were present.  City Administrator Don Solga, Street and Park Superintendent Brian Olson and Secretary Kristi Skramstad were present. Brenda Brand and Library Director Annie M Wrigg were also present.  Ashley Phan, Sally Huynh and Mikayla Jensen were also present.


Board Member Ross Wamre was absent.


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mel Zierke.


Denise Magnusson made a motion to approve the June 24, 2008 minutes. Cary Johnson seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


Additions / Deletions to Agenda:      None


Council Actions:  Don Solga reported that Council objected to paying for the appraisal of the Pelican Rapids Apartments Land unless the property is vital to the Veterans’ Memorial River Park development.  According to the engineer the property is not vital to the project.  The accountant suggests they use the tax value as the donation value because of the easement.  Don is going to talk to property owner.  Item will be on August agenda.


Chair Project:


Denise Magnusson reported that Lake Region Electric Employees are going to assemble the 6 chairs.  She will get in touch with Chip Cooper to get them painted during the

2008-09 school year.


Area By Liquor Store:


Sandy Irey is going to contact Oktoberfest for funding of the columns for the flag poles.  The estimate is $3,000.  Brenda Brand stated she has had many nice comments from tourists about the area. Item will be on next month’s agenda.  


Pool Update:


Brian Olson reported that the pool is running well this summer.  He has received many good comments as far as swimming lessons and pool management.



BBQ Pits - Rotary:


Don Solga assisted with the Turkey BBQ this summer.  He had discussions with some Rotary members. Brian pointed out that Brad Schmidt from Lakes Country Service Cooperative had recently completed an inspection the City parks and is concerned about the condition of the BBQ pits as far as health and safety issues.  Discussion on working with Rotary to decide what is best thing to do with the BBQ pits and who is responsible.  It was decided to invite the Chairman of Rotary and the cooking team of Jim McBride and Steve Zimmerman to the August Park Board meeting.


Antique Store Sign:


Don and Mel have both talked to the owner of the antique store.  He has an agreement to be considered.  He is concerned about damage to the building in removing the sign.  Don will stop by the store and get the agreement.


Other Park Board Items:


Getting 2 more signs to direct people to E.L. Peterson Park were discussed.  One going into the alley and one on Hwy 59.  Brian will contact MnDot.


The sign on Hwy 108 E was discussed.  It is getting to be a weed patch.  Sandy will talk to Oktoberfest and let Brian know.


Sherin Park:


Brian got an estimate for the survey & design of the campground layout.  It will cost $1,500.  Item on hold due to budget.



220 Electricity in E.L. Peterson Park:


Brenda Brand stated the Chamber is not interested in paying the cost of $800 for 220 power.  The vendor is not interested at this time either, they are fine with the way it is.  Their cord draped over the poles is a safety issue and they also blocked a handicapped spot during Art In The Park. Discussion on moving the handicapped spot. Don stated they may have to move to a new location next year.  Brenda stated that each vendor pays between $55-$75 to participate in Art In The Park.  The city pays the power bill.  The concern is this one vendor.  Brenda stated she would find out what the Chamber is willing to contribute and what the vendor may be willing to contribute.  Don stated the city may be willing to pay $300 at the most. Item will be on August agenda.


Lighting at Historic City Hall:


Brian got an estimate of $3,996.00 for lighting.  He is still getting quotes for the heating and air conditioning.


Budget Items:


$300 for 220 power

Historic City Hall Lighting






Flag Poles on Dam:


Mel was wondering if the flag poles from the area near the Liquor Store would be installed on the dam this year.  Don explained that the City has a 7 million dollar project that MPCA is mandating.  There is a big demand for capital in many areas.  Brian also stated he has other departments that money has to be allocated to so some things may have to be on hold.


Flower Pots:


Sandy Irey stated she is feels there is too much foliage in the downtown planters this year.  She suggested all blooming type bright colored flowers. Discussion.  The budget doesn’t need to be changed, just the types of plants.  Sandy volunteered to work with Mary Nelson on next year’s planters.  For the most part the planters are looking great.


North Monument:


Don mentioned that Bradco is done with their portion of the monument and it looks nice.  We still need to do concrete in front and on top.  Discussed moving 2 benches or getting 2 new benches for that location.  Sandy will talk to Oktoberfest and let us know if they are interested in this project.


Mel thanked Ashley Phan, Sally Huynh and Mikayla Jensen for coming to the meeting and reminded them if they are interested in becoming student members to get applications from Kristi, fill them out and return them as soon as possible.


The meeting was adjourned 9:55 a.m.


Kristi Skramstad

Park Board Secretary




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