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September 30, 2008

8:30 a.m.


The City of Pelican Rapids Park Board held its regular meeting at 8:30 a.m., Tuesday, September 30, 2008, Council Chambers, City Hall, 315 N Broadway.  Board Members, Denise Magnusson, Sandy Irey and Mel Zierke were present.  Student Members Sally Huynh and Mikayla Jensen were also present. City Administrator Don Solga, Street and Park Superintendent Brian Olson and Secretary Kristi Skramstad were present. Truman Strand was also present.


Board Member Cary Johnson was absent.


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mel Zierke.


Sandy Irey made a motion to approve the August 26, 2008 minutes. Sally Huynh seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


Additions / Deletions to Agenda:      Thank You Notes – Sandy Irey


BBQ Pits:


BBQ Pits was moved to the top of the agenda.  Truman Strand stated that he felt the pits needed a good cleaning, the fire bricks be put back where they belong and the covers be replaced.  He said when they built the pits many years ago they were built to last and the foundation is still solid to date.  There are a few cracks but he didn’t think it would be super expensive to repair.  The reason for the location was to accommodate the people carrying the cooked turkeys to the carving area and people enjoy seeing the process. 


Brian Olson presented two estimates.  One to repair the existing pits in the current location ($5,585.00), and one to move the pits to another location in E.L. Peterson Park ($12,005.00).  Brian commented that the tops are not safe and with either option something needs to be done with the tops.  Kids are playing on them when they are in the playground.


Don Solga commented that he helped with the BBQ this past summer.  There were 74 turkeys that were cooked and all were sold.  It is getting to be a highly attended event and people get bottle necked in this area.  He noted that when it is windy out the charcoal dust and smoke blow around toward people eating. Don explained since there is work to be done on the pits it is a good time to look at location.


Truman felt moving the pits would be tough to do because of the foundation which is far below the surface. 


Mel Zierke stated that his concern is if money is spent to fix the pits in the current location and then an inspector later tells us they need to be moved anyhow. 





Different location options and ideas were discussed.  Sandy questioned that if the pits were not moved, would they pass inspection?  It was decided that Lakes Country Service Coop be contacted to have them comment from on OSHA stand point.  Don explained that Lakes Country Service Coop administers the City’s safety program.  Brain stated we should be getting a report from them soon. 


Mel stated it was a good idea to see if it is a safety issue and have to be moved first and then get together with Rotary to come up with a plan on this issue. He thanked Truman for coming.


Council Actions: 


Don reported that the Council approved the appointment of Sally Huynh and Mikayla Jensen as Student Members to the Park Board.  He also reported that Council accepted the resignation of Ross Wamre.


Entrance to E.L. Peterson Park By Liquor Store:


The Oktoberfest letter was discussed.  It was decided to add the dollar amount of $3,000 to the request.  Kristi Skramstad will print out a new letter for Mel to sign following the meeting today.


Thank You From Friendship Festival:


Mel presented a Thank You note from the Friendship Festival for the City’s help during that event.


Antique Store Sign:


Brian is still trying to connect with the person to get a quote on re-doing the sign.   Item will be on October agenda.


220 Electricity:


Brian got an additional estimate as requested by the Chamber of Commerce to install 220 in E.L. Peterson Park and Sherin Park.  The estimate to do both parks is $3,625.00.  The first estimate he got was for E.L. Peterson Park only and was for $800.  It was decided the first person should be contacted for an estimate for both parks so we would be comparing the same things.  Brian will get estimate in writing from them. Item will be on October agenda.



E.L. Peterson Park Signs:


Brian spoke to MnDot.  They will not allow anymore signage on Hwy 59 for E.L. Peterson Park.  Since 1st ST NE is not a State highway we can put a sign in the alley pointing to E.L. Peterson Park.  Brian will order and install the sign.




Park Board Opening:


Kristi Skramstad reported that no applications have been received to date.  A notice was in the September City newsletter and she will also put in the October newsletter as well.  Members brainstormed and came up with some people they are going to approach. Item will be on October agenda.


Welcome Sign Plants:


Brian Olson said the plants for the Hwy 108 W welcome to Pelican Rapids sign would have to be put on hold until the new budget.  His seasonal decoration budget has been depleted due to the 125th Celebration.


He also said the he was going to call Mary Nelson today to let her know that his department is going to start pulling in the planters that are not looking so good right now.  This will give her a chance to take pictures of the planters.


Flag Poles on Dam Area:


Brian contacted the DNR office in St. Paul to get approval to put the flag poles near the dam.  The DNR would not recommend doing so and would not say it is a good idea.  Discussion on placement of the flag poles.  Mel will take pictures of area for next meeting.  Item will be on October agenda.


Thank You Notes:


Discussion on writing Thank You notes to members when they resign or go off Park Board.  Sandy Irey felt Thank You notes are always a good idea.  Kristi Skramstad will write letters to Ross Wamre and Colton Stone.


The checklist was reviewed and the following items were discussed:


Denise reported that the chairs are at Chip Cooper’s and the students will be assembling and painting them.  Storage of the existing chairs was discussed.  Denise will talk to each businesses and see where chairs can be stored for the winter.


All items that were not completed so far in 2008 were moved to 2009.  Items that need to be marked as completed are approval of student members, pool policy, Historic City Hall lighting estimate – budgeted $4,000 and brick wall by Liquor Store.


Mel Zierke welcomed student members to the Park Board and gave them a brief overview of the Park Board.  Don Solga added that the board is an advisory board to City Council.


Chairman Zierke adjourned the meeting at 10:05 am.



Kristi Skramstad

Park Board Secretary


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