City of Pelican Rapids 




The City Council of the City of Pelican Rapids met in regular session at
4:00 p.m., Tuesday, 03-30-04, in Council Chambers, City Hall, 315 N.
Broadway. Mayor Wayne Runningen, Council Members John Waller III, Ben
Woessner, Denise Magnusson and Dave Gottenborg were present. No one was
absent. Administrative Assistant Richard A. Jenson, Deputy
Clerk-Treasurer Glenys Ehlert, Street and Park Superintendent Tom
Soberg, Library Director Pam Westby, Jane Aschnewitz of the Chamber of
Commerce, Rick Gail of the Pelican Rapids Press and Gordon Gugel were
also present.

Mayor Runningen called the meeting to order.

The following items were added to the agenda: Liquor Store Inventory,
Transfer Station, Loretel Systems,
Old City Hall, Gordon Gugel and
Emergency Plan.

Gordon Gugel addressed Council regarding sewer hook-up to his home.
City Council previously approved an agreement with Gugel to pay $750 to
connect Gugel's house to the sewer service line. Gugel said he has
estimates for connecting the system and he stated the City is to pay
$1660 or he will pursue legal action.

Mayor Runningen suggested Gugel's proposal be taken to the city
attorney. Motion by Waller, seconded by Magnusson to direct
Administrative Assistant Richard A. Jenson to discuss the offer with
City Attorney Scott Dirks. Motion passed unanimously.

Council reviewed the Accounts Payable Listing of
03-30-04. Motion by
Waller, seconded by Gottenborg to approve the Accounts Payable Listing
of 03-30-04 as presented with the following additions of Svingen,
Hagstrom, Karkela and Dirks for legal expenses in the amount of
$1735.00, All Building Corporation for OCH exterior work in the amount
of $4,258.89 and Karl Grefsrud Construction for OCH interior work in the
amount of $17,517.05. Motion passed unanimously.

Jenson explained that the JOBZ public hearing notice setting the hearing
03-30-04 did not meet the publication requirements and will need to
be reset for
04-12-04. Motion by Magnusson, seconded by Gottenborg to
conduct a public hearing on Monday,
04-12-04, at 5:30 p.m., at the
Pelican Rapids City Hall, 315 N. Broadway, Pelican Rapids, to receive
citizen input concerning the adoption of the Business Subsidy Criteria
necessary for the JOBZ program. Motion passed unanimously.

Jenson informed Council on the federally mandated Health Insurance
Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA) compliance law. This
relates to health insurance issues and the need for confidentiality.
Jenson said a plan was required on how to deal with these issues. The
entire plan is available for review and is on the agenda for the
04-12-04 meeting. One of the requirements was for the City Council to
name a privacy officer and a security officer. Motion by Gottenborg,
seconded by Magnusson to name Richard A. Jenson as privacy officer and
Glenys Ehlert, deputy clerk-treasurer, as the security officer, as
recommended by Jenson. Motion passed unanimously.

Jenson said he received a bill on the
West Mill Ave. and 1st St. NW in
the amount of $133,288.69. Council Member Woessner asked if money was
being held back, noting the cracking on the sidewalk in front of his
business and the Press office. Mayor Runningen said there is still work
to be completed and this can be addressed at that time. Motion by
Waller, seconded by Magnusson to authorize payment on the project to
Otter Tail County Treasurer Highway Department in the amount of
$113,288.69. Motion passed unanimously.

Street and Park Superintendent Tom Soberg and Jenson reviewed projects
in the street and park departments. Motion by Gottenborg, seconded by
Waller to authorize Larson-Peterson & Associates to draw up plans and
specifications for seal coat and crack sealing projects in an amount not
to exceed $50,000 and to authorize using street fund investments to pay
for the projects. Motion passed unanimously.

Jenson discussed quotes for irrigating the west soccer field. He noted
that $10,000 was included in the budget for this project. Motion by
Waller, seconded by Magnusson to authorize installation of an irrigation
system at the west soccer field, near the high school, at an estimated
cost of $12,575. Motion passed unanimously.

Soberg reviewed quotes obtained on a new mower for the parks department.
Funds in the amount of $7,000 were set aside in the Street Department
Capital Outlay Fund for this equipment. Motion by Woessner, seconded by
Gottenborg to purchase the proposed Kuhn mower from Fergus International
at the low quote of $6600. Motion passed unanimously.

Library Director Pam Westby reported to Council regarding upcoming
programs, maintenance and other items. Westby said the Library Board is
recommending Jennifer Heimark to serve on the Library Board, replacing
Lucille Tunheim who has resigned. Motion by Waller, seconded by
Magnusson to appoint Jennifer Heimark to the Library Board for 2004,
2005 and 2006. Motion passed unanimously.

Utilities Superintendent Brent E. Frazier presented a service contract
proposal for council consideration. The contract would include service
on the heating and air conditioning, along with boiler inspection, at
the city wastewater treatment plant. Motion by Magnusson, seconded by
Waller to approve the proposed service contract with Honeywell
Maintenance in
Fargo. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion by Waller, seconded by Woessner to approve the Chamber of
Commerce application to conduct a raffle,
09-06-04, with no waiting
period. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion by Magnusson, seconded by Gottenborg to appoint Bard Miller to
the Planning Commission for a three year term. Motion passed

Motion by Gottenborg, seconded by Magnusson to certify an unpaid utility
bill in the amount of $177.51 to Parcel No. R76000540000 to
Otter Tail
Auditor for collection with real estate taxes. Motion passed

Council discussed replacement of a computer for Administrative Assistant
Richard A. Jenson and a computer for the security system at the liquor
store. Research with the liquor store cash register company and the
camera system indicate that a good quality network card is all that is
needed to enable the camera to speak to the computer. Jenson said he is
satisfied with his present system. Motion by Gottenborg, seconded by
Magnusson to purchase and install a network card in the liquor store
computer. Motion passed unanimously.

Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jane Aschnewitz reviewed the
Resort Preservation Task Force and efforts to help family resorts stay
in business. Motion by Waller, seconded by Magnusson to authorize the
mayor and administrator to write a letter to support legislation to help
family resorts stay in business. Motion passed unanimously.

Council Members were advised the Liquor Store Inventory will be
conducted on Thursday,
04-01-04, at 7:00 a.m.

Jenson announced that the Transfer Station bid opening will be at
Tail County
Courthouse on 04-22-04.

Mayor Runningen read a letter from Loretel Cablevision regarding a rate
increase for cable subscribers. Effective May 1, rates will be adjusted
from $31 to $36, due to cost of living increases, programming rate hikes
and FCC mandates to install emergency alert systems (EAS) in all of its
cable franchise areas. Coverage of Minnesota Twins baseball,
Minnesota Golden Gopher
sports and several high school events around
the state were added to the service.

Council Member Magnusson presented the Emergency Plan for Council's
consideration and review prior to the
04-12-04 meeting.

Rick Gail of the Pelican Press asked where people at the Senior Dining
Program will be parking. Jenson said the parking lot will be in better
shape soon. He stated that the lot would be very expensive to pave due
to sub grade. Council discussed options for developing parking along
the north side of the
Senior Center. This would preserve the area along
the river as green space.

Meeting adjourned at
6:15 p.m.

Glenys Ehlert, CMC
Deputy Clerk-Treasurer
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