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City of Pelican Rapids

The information presented may not be complete due to continued consideration and planning for each project.  To learn more about any of the projects listed you can call City Administrator Don Solga at 218-863-6571.

2014/2015 Community Center - Project #85

UPDATE: the upper floor of city hall has been demo'd to a large extent.  Asbestos abatement is completed. The design and construction phase of the upper floor is still being determined.

The demo resulted in many T12 Fluorescent light fixture, lights, & ballasts that are available for free.  If interested just call Don at City hall.

Update 11-6-2015.  BHH Consulting has been hired to complete a floor plan design. Next steps include finding a kitchen consultant to work with the committee to design the kitchen area and hiring an architectural company to complete the plans and specs.  

Update 3-16-2017.  City Council has received the community kitchen floor plan and equipment listing, and has given BHH Consulting the go-ahead to develop design plans and specs.  This project will also include dating some aspects of city hall (new roof, windows, exterior appearance, HVAC).   

Update 10-9-2017.  A public hearing for the issuance of bonds to pay for the city hall/community center project is set for 5:00 P.M., Oct 10, 2017.  Public is encouraged to contact an elected official in order to express your opinion on the project, OR, attend the public hearing at City Hall.

Update 10-10-2017.  As a result of the Public Hearing held on this date, the city council acted to not move forward with the community center project.  They did decide to do the city hall upgrades.

2016/2017 Various Streets/Utilities - Project #87

This project is in the planning stages.  Apex Engineering is working with the city to develop the project. 

As of 11-6-2015 the project includes street improvements to the following streets:

2nd Ave SE (from 5th St SE, east to end), 6th St SE (from 2nd Ave to East Mill), 10th Ave SE/Maplewood (from Broadway to 7th Ave SE), Lake Region Blvd (from Broadway, east to end of existing pavement),

Other streets being discussed for potential paving and/or utility work are:

Swan Boulevard, Ridgecrest, Maplewood, 2nd St NW, 2nd St SW, 3rd St SW, 3-1/2 Ave/6th St SE, Old Fergus Rd, Dump Road, Great Northern Rd, Elevator Rd, 4th St SE, 4th Ave NW-Trailer Park, 5th Ave NE, 6th Ave NE, 6th St NE, 7th Ave NE, 8th Ave NW, 9th Ave SW, 10th Ave SW, 12 Ave SW/SE.

Of the above street list the following may be eliminated from the list:

2nd St NW, 2nd St SW, 3-1/2 Ave/6th St SE, 12th Ave SW/SE, Old Fergus Rd, Dump Rd, Great Northern Rd, Elevator Rd.

Planned utility improvements include 2nd Ave SE, 6th St SE, 6th St NE.

Street and utility list may change as the project develops.

As of 11-01-2017 the project is mostly complete.  A final layer of bituminous will be placed in the Spring of 2018.  Also, the parking lot work west of the downtown businesses will be done in the Spring of 2018. There is a project assessment public hearing on Nov 14, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. in the city hall council chambers.


The city is partnering with the University of Minnesota Extension Service to complete a several month long Business Retention & Expansion (BR&E) program.  A presentation on BR&E was held on January 27, 2016 at LREC.  Many community and business leaders attended.  Approximately 20+ individuals signed up to be involved in the program.

Since the January 27, 2016 meeting at Lake Region Electric Coop the leadership team has meet twice with UMN Ext, Ryan Pesch.

 On March 10, 2016 the leadership team met to discuss and set the parameters for the program by defining the boundaries of the survey area. The leadership team also determined each leadership team member’s role on the team. They also talked about the need to add additional task force and visitation team members in order to complete the program.

 On March 28, 2016 the leadership team met to review and discuss a tentative program schedule, to review and discuss a template survey document, and update the volunteer list with additional team members.

Visitation Training is occurring on May 17, 2016. Business visitations would occur during the months of June and July 2016. I will try to keep everyone updated as we move forward with the program.

If you would like to hear more on the program, or if you want to get involved please contact City Administrator Don Solga, 218-863-6571.

Update 3-16-2017.  The BR&E study is complete.  Four projects resulted from the study.  Four teams are working on Marketing, Business Toolkit, Revitalize Chamber & EDC, Organize community service groups. 


20XX Pelican Rapids to Perham Multi Use Trail (via Maplewood State Park)

In planning stage.  As a part of the process to get any State bonding funds for a trail a feasibility study is needed.  Otter Tail County has hired SRP Consulting to complete the study.  There have been two public open house gatherings at Lake Region Electric with very positive comments and feedback from the community.  

The planned trail needs a name.  If you have any ideas for a trail name please email them to   

Update 11-6-2015: Otter Tail County submitted an application to have the trail designated a "Regionally Significant Trail".  The trail was selected and designated as such.  This designation should help with state funding efforts.  Otter Tail County has placed the trail project on the State's capital funding request list for FY's 2016 and 2018.  If state funding is approved further trail development will happen.  There may even be some construction!

Update 3-16-2017.  County is applying for DNR Regional Trail grant funding to do work on trail right-of-way acquisition along County Highway 3.

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