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City of Pelican Rapids

2/27, 2002



The City Council of Pelican Rapids met in regular session on Wednesday, 02-27-02, at 4:00 p.m., in the Pelican Rapids Public Library meeting room.  Mayor Wayne Runningen, Council Members John Waller III, Denise Magnusson, Paulette Nettestad and Dave Gottenborg were present.  Administrative Assistant Richard A. Jenson, Deputy Clerk-Treasurer Glenys Ehlert, Police Chief Scott Fox, Street and Park Superintendent Vern Benson, Liquor Store Manager Bob Leslie, Park Board Representative Julie Lammers, Mel Zierke of the Oktoberfest Committee, Fergus Falls Daily Journal reporter Sue Tumberg and Gary Peterson of the Pelican Rapids Press were also present.


No items were added to or deleted from the agenda.


Meeting called to order by Mayor Runningen.


Administrative Assistant Richard A. Jenson reviewed the public hearing notice for the proposed park project.


Park Board Representative Julie Lammers described the project to develop a public park along the Pelican River.  The project includes general landscaping, a walkway along the river connecting to the library parking area, flower beds and planters, benches and waste containers.  The present shelter will be expanded and picnic tables added.  Playground equipment for ages 5-12 will be installed.  The implementation schedule will be May 2003 – September 2005.  Overall cost is $73,191.  Financing sources include Local Contributions -$3,196; City (In-Kind) $15,764; City (Cash) - $17,635.00 and Grant Application to Department of Natural Resources - $36,595.00.


Motion by Nettestad, seconded by Gottenborg to introduce the following resolution, entitled RESOLUTION FOR CITY OF PELICAN RAPIDS TO ACT AS LEGAL SPONSOR FOR THE OUTDOOR RECREATION GRANT PROGRAM APPLICATION OF MARCH 2002. (A complete text of this resolution is part of permanent public record in the city clerk’s office.)  Motion passed unanimously and resolution declared duly adopted.


Jenson introduced the Oktoberfest Committee request to contribute and install a fountain in the Mill Pond.  Mel Zierke of the committee discussed the project.  The maintenance part of the project is to put it in the pond in the spring and take it out in the fall.  The committee proposes to provide $250 per year for maintenance.  There will be no expense to the City. 


Motion by Waller, seconded by Nettestad to go with the Mill Pond Fountain proposed by the Oktoberfest Committee.  Motion passed unanimously.


Mayor Runningen thanked the Oktoberfest Committee for all their contributions to the community.


Police Chief Scott Fox reported that Police Officer Jacob Grabow has resigned effective 03-11-02.


Motion by Gottenborg, seconded by Waller to accept the resignation of Jacob Grabow as a full time police officer effective 03-11-02, and appoint Curtis Markgraff as full time police officer effective 03-01-02.  Motion passed unanimously.


Motion by Waller, seconded by Magnusson to authorize Chief Fox to pursue looking for another part time officer.  Motion passed unanimously.


Motion by Nettestad, seconded by Magnusson to pay Police Officer Curtis Markgraff $13.46 and Police Officer Ted Leabo at $12.28 per hour per the union wage scale for full time and part time police personnel.  Motion passed unanimously.


Police Chief Scott Fox reviewed a proposed upgrade to the police answering service.  The proposal will provide increased service using cell phones at less money than present system.  “I think I can provide more service to the City and save money at the same time,” Police Chief Fox reported.


Motion by Nettestad, seconded by Gottenborg to authorize Chief Fox to proceed with the cell phone proposal.  Motion passed unanimously.


Liquor Store Manager Bob Leslie reported that Liquor Store employee Lois Nelson has resigned.  The new computer cash registers have arrived and will be up and running the first of the month.  He is also checking on new compressor coils to solve the cooling problems in the summer months.  He reviewed some changes he has made and said everything is going good.


Council was notified of the Chamber of Commerce’s Application for Exempt Permit to conduct a raffle on 06-30-02 and the PTA’s Application to Conduct Excluded Bingo on 04-06-02.


Motion by Waller, seconded by Magnusson to approve renewal of the Bottle Club License for GLD Lanes for the period of one-year beginning 04-01-02.  Motion passed unanimously.


Motion by Gottenborg, seconded by Nettestad to approve the Policy for City Web Site Links as presented.  Motion passed unanimously.


Jenson reviewed a Spring Clean-Up Day to include only televisions, appliances and furniture.  They are proposing to have a central location for pick up.  Mayor Runningen suggested a restriction on the number of televisions.  Council agreed to try this method.


Mayor Runningen removed himself from the chair and turned the meeting over to Acting Mayor Gottenborg.  Acting Mayor Gottenborg introduced the Lake Region Electrical Cooperative former headquarter building lease.  Jenson reviewed items in the lease.  The lease amount is $2394 per month for five years, a small increase due to the fact that the City is the only tenant in the lower level so the common areas are included in leased space.


The Facilities Committee has met and recommended approval of the lease agreement, effective 05-01-02.


Motion by Nettestad, seconded by Waller to recommend approval of the lease agreement, including use of the northeast exit.  Acting Mayor Gottenborg, Council Members Waller, Magnusson and Nettestad voted yes.  Mayor Runningen abstained.  No one voted against.  Motion carried.


Acting Mayor Gottenborg adjourned the meeting at 5:00 p.m.


Glenys Ehlert, CMC

Deputy Clerk-Treasurer



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