City of Pelican Rapids 


3/25, 1998

City of Pelican Rapids Council Minutes 3-25-98



The City Council Pelican Rapids met in regular session on Wednesday, 3-25-98, at 3:00 p.m. in the Pelican Rapids Public Library Meeting Room.


Present:  Mayor Wayne Runningen, Council Members George Hanson, Paulette Nettestad, Denise Magnusson, and Dave Gottenborg.  ABSENT:  None.


Also present: Administrative Assistant Richard Jenson, Acting Secretary Julie Lammers, Utilities Superintendent Brent Frazier, Streets Superintendent Vern Benson, and Gary Peterson of the Pelican Rapids Press, Everett Ballard, Vern Bruxvoort and many contractors during bid opening.


Meeting called to order by Mayor Wayne Runningen.


Two letters were added to agenda.


Pursuant to due call and published notice thereof water tower demolition bids were opened by Mayor Runningen at 3:00 p.m. The following bids were received: Diamond 5 Construction, Inc. $29,000, Heitkamp Construction Co., $48,680.00, Isler Demolition $24,850.00, J&D Enterprises, Inc. $33,500.00, Korb, Ed $48,369.00, Larson, Mark $12,800.00, Sheryl’s Construction, Inc. $99,000.00, Steelsmith Tank Company $13,200.00, Volden Construction $14,750.00,Watercott, Michael Construction $20,837.50 and Z& H Contractors $22,000.00.   Bid was not awarded due to the lack of knowledge of apparent low bid company, Mark Larson of Detroit Lakes, MN.  City Engineer Gary Nanson will review references of low bid company and bid will be awarded on 4-13-98. 


Everett Ballard of Ballard Sanitation asked if City would coordinate clean-up day with the city rummage sale day. Council asked for a clean-up day schedule so residents could know when their area would be cleaned up.  Ballard told Council he would provide Administrative Assistant Jenson with that information.


Motion by Hanson and second by Gottenborg to authorize clean-up day for Wednesday, 5-13-98 through Saturday, 5-16-98.  Motion passed unanimously.


At 3:30 p.m., pursuant to due call and published notice thereof, a public hearing began for the purpose of discussing the submission of a grant application to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to request funding for playground equipment and to make the park bathroom facilities handicapped accessible.


Economic Developer Forest “Skip” Carpenter gave a review of what the Council needed to do to apply for grant.  Total cost of project is $13,966.66.  The City would need to support half of this amount.


Motion by Hanson and second by Magnusson to a pass written resolution entitled, RESOLUTION TO APPLY FOR GRANT OF PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT AND HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE BATHROOMS.  (A complete text of resolution is part of permanent public record in the City Clerk’s Office.)  Voting yes: Mayor Runningen, Council Members Nettestad, Gottenborg, Magnusson and Hanson.  Voting no: none.  Motion passed unanimously and resolution declared duly adopted.


The Department of Trade and Economic Development has notified the City of Pelican Rapids in the decision of the 1998 MN Small Cities grant.  The City of Pelican Rapids will not be receiving a grant.  Mayor Runningen asked Carpenter why he felt the City did not receive the grant.  Carpenter informed Council that most of the grants were given to cities with greater emergency need and those that surveyed smaller areas.  He explained that there are information sheets on the grants that he has requested and will be able to give better answers after seeing this information. Council member Nettestad asked what the City could do now about the downtown area.  Carpenter said he would find out what other communities are doing and get the information to Jenson before next council meeting. 


Planning Commission meet Monday, 3-23-98 at 5:00 p.m. to discuss granting a variance to Bob Klaboe to permit 11 foot encroachment in the front yard to install a 16 foot by 9 foot garage at 309 5th Ave NE.  Planning Commission recommended that Council deny request for variance based on fact that a variance was previously granted for the double garage already located on property. 


Motion by Hanson second by Nettestad to deny request of Bob Klaboe for front variance as planning commission advised.  Motion passed unanimously.


Jenson reported that the American Legion would like to renew their Bottle Club license.


Motion by Nettestad second by Hanson to approve license to American Legion.  Motion passed unanimously.


Jenson told council that there is a party interested in purchasing City of Pelican Rapids property located by the former Boe’s Dairy buildings.  Council tabled discussion until 4-13-98.


Street Superintendent Benson requested authorization to advertise for and hire two temporary (not to exceed 67 days) employees. 


Motion by Gottenborg second by Magnusson to allow Benson to advertise for two temporary positions.  Motion passed unanimously.


Administrative Assistant Jenson requested that the unpaid utility bill for $178.72 for parcel number 607000 be certified to Otter Tail County for collection with real estate taxes.


Motion by Hanson second by Nettestad to certify unpaid utility bill as recommended.  Motion passed unanimously.


Jenson told the council that the City of Pelican Rapids department heads have requested weekly meetings to make a decision on City building project.  They want to know if the council is serious.  The committee of Gottenborg and Hanson will meet with department heads on 3-30-98 and discuss buildings needs.  Committee will bring a recommendation to the council 4-13-98.


Mayor Runningen reminded everyone to be at the Board of Review on 4-15-98, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. the Pelican Rapids Public Library.


Mayor Runningen read a letter from Nancy Soberg concerning Pelican Rapids youth.  Council discussed options.  Committee of Nettestad and Runningen will look into some different programs available and bring to next council meeting.  They will also ask Police Chief Greg Ballard to meet with them.


Council Member Hanson read letter to council requesting use of City flags for citizen celebration on Friday, 3-27-98 at the Pelican Supper Club.  Jenson will make sure Hanson has flags tomorrow.


Jenson brought up a bill concerning the Siefert Eagle Scout sign project.  Council discussed payment.


Motion by Hanson seconded by Nettestad to pay $500.00 of the bill and let the issue be closed.


After discussion Hanson rescinded motion.


Motion by Hanson seconded by Magnusson to notify Seifert to be at next meeting with certification of bills.  Motion passed unanimously.


Meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.


Julie A. Lammers

Acting Secretary


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