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July 31, 2007

8:30 a.m.


The City of Pelican Rapids Park Board held its regular meeting at 8:30 a.m., Tuesday, July 31, 2007, Council Chambers, City Hall, 315 N Broadway.  Board Chairman Mel Zierke and Board Members Denise Magnusson, Ross Wamre and Sandy Irey were present.   Street and Park Superintendent Brian Olson, City Administrator Don Solga and Secretary Kristi Skramstad present.  Jessica Hibl, Aquatics Director was also present.


Board Member Cary Johnson was absent.


Approval of May 29, 2007 Minutes


Denise Magnusson made a motion to approve the May 29, 2007 minutes.  Ross Wamre seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.


Approval of June 26, 2007 Minutes


Denise Magnusson made a motion to approve the June 26, 2007 minutes.  Ross Wamre seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.


Additions to Agenda:            

Historic City Hall Lease Agreement - Lighting

Rotary Letter

River Runs North Sign

Marlys – Tree Trimming

Art In The Park



Council Actions Since Last Meeting – None


Ice Skating Rink:


Brian Olson brought the idea of moving the skating rink to the School Board.  It was approved as long as it was set up after football season and removed before baseball season which will not be a problem.  It is an agreeable option for both parties to try for a season.


Trees Below Mill Pond:


According to a recent inspection of the Mill Pond Dam area, the DNR is recommending that 3 trees be relocated.  A packet of information from the DNR was presented for the Park Board’s review.  The DNR has reported there is already some leaking occurring on the bottom of the dam.  Brian suggested that the 2 trees closest to the river be moved to the west side.  There was a discussion on placement.


Denise Magnusson made a motion to recommend to Council that the 2 trees closest to the river be moved and placed on the west side based on the DNR’s recommendation.  Sandy Irey seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously. 


Tree Trimming:


Sandy stated she has spoken to Marlys Johnson of Riverview Place on numerous occasions and feels she is unable to resolve the issue of trimming the tree overlooking the river.  It is felt that the tree blocks the view of Pelican Pete from the bridge on Broadway.  Mel Zierke volunteered to approach Marlys.  Item will be on August agenda.


River Flows North Sign:


The sign is at the Public Works Facility.  Brian Olson stated that it looks nice.  Ways to mount the sign so it overlooks the river were discussed and would need MnDOT approval.  Brian’s department is working on this.


Sandy Irey made a motion to recommend to Council to place the River Flows North sign on the bridge railing pending MnDOT approval.  Denise Magnusson seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.


Historic City Hall Lease Agreement/Lighting:


There was no further information to discuss regarding the lease agreement as the Chamber now has volunteers staffing the building.  Don reported that he has talked to Kevin Dillon regarding the lighting issue at Historic City Hall.  Because of the type of lighting originally installed it will be expensive to add lights.  Brian Olson and Kevin Dillon will go talk to Brenda at Historic City Hall to see exactly where she is in need of additional lighting and Kevin will give us a quote.


Brick Wall & Flags Near Liquor Store:


There was a discussion about removing the brick wall and flags near the Liquor Store and replacing it with large flower planters like the ones already downtown.  This would open the area up so visitors could see there is a park and a parking lot at that location.  The costs would be minimal.  Sandy Irey felt it would be beneficial to place blue signs on Hwy 59 near the crosswalk indicating that off-street parking is available at that location.  MnDOT would need to approve the signs.  Ross Wamre suggested that pavers be used to fill the area instead of bituminous surfacing.  Mel stated he would ask Oktoberfest to donate the planters.


Denise Magnusson made a motion to recommend to Council to remove the brick wall and flags by the Liquor Store and replace with flower planters.  Flag placement to be determined at a later date.  Motion passed unanimously.


Student Park Board Members:


Denise Magnusson spoke to Johanna Christianson and she doesn’t see a problem in finding interested students to serve on the Park Board.


Park Assignments:


Item tabled until August.


Swimming Pool:


Jessica Hibl reported that there have been changes in how the money is handled at the pool now.  There is to be no cash left in the building.  The access to the cash drawer is limited and the key is never left in the office.  Jessica also stated that the pool seems to be running smoothly.  Jessica was thanked for her hard work at the pool.


Skate Park:


No estimate yet.


Rotary BBQ Pits:


Brian Olson sent a letter to Rotary requesting numbers after the Turkey BBQ.  The letter was shown to the Park Board.  As of this date there has been no response from Rotary.  Item will be on August agenda and also added to the check list of things to be done.


Art In The Park:


Mel had a request from the Shake Shack to install 220 power.  They are willing to pay an additional $25 to $30 for electrical fees to assist with this project. Park Board members questioned weather this would only be used once per year. There was a discussion about vendors who aren’t paid to be in Art In The Park, transient merchants need to have a permit from the City of Pelican Rapids.  Mel will talk to Cyndy Stoteberry who is in charge of Art In The Park as any money collected from merchants at that event goes back to the Chamber Fund.




Brian Olson presented a 2008 Wish List.  Members were asked to review the list and bring comments to the next meeting on August 28.


Other Park Board Items:


Brian Olson reported that Sam Buck will be shingling the shelter in E.L. Peterson Park starting on August 4th.


Mel Zierke mentioned he wanted to make sure there was money budgeted for trees.


Brian Olson stated there was a Council action since the last meeting that he forgot to mention earlier.  The item was regarding the shelter in Veterans’ Memorial River Park.  The Council does not feel it is worth the man hours to change the shelter at this time.


The 3 to 5 Year Plan was reviewed. 


The Veterans’ Memorial Park parking lot layout was discussed.  Ross Wamre has been working on ideas.  Item will be on the August agenda.


 Meeting adjourned at 10:00 am



Kristi Skramstad

Park Board Secretary

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