City of Pelican Rapids 


5/12, 2003



The City Council of Pelican Rapids met in regular session on Monday, 05-12-03, 5:30 p.m., in council chambers of City Hall, 315 N. Broadway.  Mayor Wayne Runningen, Council Members Ben Woessner, John E. Waller, III, Dave Gottenborg and Denise Magnusson were present.  No one was absent.  Administrative Assistant Richard A. Jenson, Deputy Clerk-Treasurer Glenys Ehlert, Police Chief Scott Fox, Liquor Store Manager Bob Leslie, Utilities Superintendent Brent Frazier, Street Department Representative Tom Soberg, Sandy Metzdorff and Larry Barber of Community Action Council and Rick Gail of the Pelican Rapids Press were also present.


Meeting called to order by Mayor Runningen.


There were no additions to or deletions from the agenda.


Liquor Store Manager Bob Leslie presented his report.


Sandy Metzdorff and Larry Barber of Community Action Council presented information on the services they have available to construct houses as well as other services.  In addition to constructing new homes for low-income families, they offer pre-purchase home inspections to the general public for a fee, based on a sliding scale determined by household income.  They also have certified building inspection services available for cities.


Police Chief Scott Fox reported on activities in the department.


Motion by Waller, seconded by Magnusson to approve the minutes of 4-13-03 and 4-29-03 as presented.  Motion passed unanimously.


Motion by Woessner, seconded by Waller to approve payment of the Accounts Payable List of 05-12-03 as presented.  Motion passed unanimously.


Utilities Superintendent Brent Frazier presented a report on his departments’ activities.  He presented a request for awnings on the south and west side windows of the wastewater treatment facility.  He reported the cost of a 5-ft. and 9 ft. awning, installed.  Council Member Ben Woessner suggested requesting a quote on Low E windows from Northwestern Glass.


Tom Soberg presented Street and Parks Department report.


Council Member Gottenborg arrived at 6:12 p.m.   


Council reviewed the 04-30-03 financial reports presented by Deputy Clerk-Treasurer Glenys Ehlert.


Deputy Clerk-Treasurer Glenys Ehlert presented a request for additional summer help in administrative office. 


Motion by Gottenborg, seconded by Magnusson to approve ten additional hours for eight weeks during the summer months.  Motion passed unanimously.


Motion by Waller, seconded by Gottenborg to approve Otter Tail County Emergency Services Grant Application.  Motion passed unanimously.


Administrative Assistant Richard A. Jenson presented information about water billing regarding reduced sewer rate for lawn sprinkling.


Council and staff discussed possibilities.  Motion by Waller, seconded by Magnusson to have Benson check out exterior meters for hose bibs to provide metering for water sprinkling.  Motion passed unanimously.


Jenson reviewed progress on library parking lot paving.  Pelican Press is interested in paving their lot at the same time.  They would provide four or five library staff parking spaces for some assistance in paving costs.  Council indicated that other neighboring property owners should be offered the same opportunity.


Motion by Waller, seconded by Magnusson to have Jenson check into project costs and availability of library funds.  Motion passed unanimously.  Council agreed it may be necessary to call an emergency meeting to accomplish paving in a timely manner.


Council reviewed a request from Great Plains Natural Gas Co. to enter into a new franchise to replace the existing one upon expiration.  Council directed City Attorney Scott Dirks to review the proposal.  Matter will be considered at the next council meeting.


League of Minnesota Cities Convention is in St. Cloud, 06-18 through 06-20-03. 


Mayor Runningen shared a Birding Trail brochure that is being distributed.


Meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m.


Glenys Ehlert, CMC

Deputy Clerk-Treasurer 


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