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Welcome to the Pelican Rapids Area Economic Development Corporation


Pelican Rapids Area Economic Development Corporation

The Pelican Rapids Area Development Corporation (PRADC) is a non-profit corporation formed by individuals, businesses, and government from Pelican Rapids and the surrounding area.  The corporation administers a local loan pool and works closely with federal, state, and local governments to bring together people and resources to spur economic growth. 

 Our Mission

 To promote economic growth by pro-actively supporting business, industry, and services: enhance the quality of life through enjoyment and promotion of the natural beauty within the Heart of Lakes of Otter Tail County.  To accomplish this Mission, the Pelican Rapids Area Economic Development Corporation will:

  • Maintain strong communication and links with the Pelican Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce, and the City of Pelican Rapids, the City of Erhard, and surrounding townships;
  • Maintain strong communication with area businesses in order to attract time, talents, and financial support;
  • Develop inventory and maintain records detailing land and buildings available;
  • Develop a comprehensive plan which outlines short-term, intermediate, and long-term goals, objectives, and initiatives within northwest Otter Tail County;
  • Gather, maintain, and enhance information regarding sources of funds including grants, personal and business contributions, gifts, endowments, and special funds to be utilized in the activities of the development corporation;
  • Gather information regarding development efforts of other communities within our region in order to employ successful strategies in the development corporation within the Pelican Rapids area.


 The PRAEDC meets each month !!

 Board Of Directors

2017 Members of the board of directors are:

    • Dawn Finn, Pelican Rapids (President)
    • Dena Johnson, Pelican Rapids (Vice President)
    • Lloyd Nelson, (Secretary/Treasurer)
    • Don Perrin, Pelican Rapids
    • Evy Schilling, Pelican Rapids
    • Cindy Johnson, Erhard
    • Greg Nelson, Pelican Rapids
    • Paul Restad, Pelican Rapids
    • James C. Johnson, Pelican Rapids
    • Tim Thompson, Pelican Rapids
    • Andrew Johnson, Pelican Rapids
    • Andrew Sorum, Pelican Rapids 
    • Rudy Butenas, Pelican Rapids
    • JD Larson, Pelican Rapids


 Available Resources

 Support and financial resources for the Pelican Rapids Area Economic Development Corporation come from the following:

  • Pelican Rapids Area Ecomomic Development Corporation
  • Pelican Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce
  • City of Pelican Rapids
  • City of Erhard
  • Cormorant Village
  • Dunvilla
  • Economic Development Authority
  • Pelican Rapids Area Community Fund
  • Pelican Rapids Loan Pool
  • Erhard Loan Pool
  • West Central Initiative Fund
  • Midwest Minnesota Community Development Corporation
  • Tax Increment Financing
  • Industrial Revenue Bonds
  • Small Business Administration
  • Blandin Foundation
  • Minnesota Department of Trade and Economic Development
  • Otter Tail County Tourism
  • Area Lake Associations
  • And these townships:  Dora, Dunn, Elizabeth, Erhards Grove, Friberg, Lida, Maplewood, Norwegian Grove, Pelican, Scambler, Star Lake, and Trondhjem.



For More Information

 Write:   Pelican Rapids Area EDC   
              P.O. Box 873
              Pelican Rapids, MN 56572

Phone:   218-863-1171


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