City of Pelican Rapids 


04/03/2009 (3-31-09 Meeting Postponed Due to Snowstorm)

April 1, 2008


Friday, April 3, 2009  4:30 p.m.  City Hall, Council Chambers

1. Call to Order

2. Additions / Deletions to Agenda

3. Approval of Accounts Payable Listing

4. Regional Application for Fire Act Grant - Radios

5. Petition for Annexation by Ordinance

6. Liquor Store
• Personnel
• Site for New Liquor Store

7. Board of Review Council Meeting – Wednesday, 4-15-09, 2:00-3:00 p.m.

8. Statewide Tornado Drill Day – Thursday, 4-23-09
• Procedure
• Updated Emergency Call List


The City Council of Pelican Rapids met in regular postponed session at 4:30 p.m., on Friday, 04-03-09, in Council Chambers, City Hall.  Mayor Ben Woessner, Council Members Steve Foster and John E. Waller, III were present.  Council Members Richard Peterson and Kevin Ballard were absent.  Administrator Don Solga, Clerk-Treasurer Glenys Ehlert, Fire Chief Trevor Steeves, Jim Wick and Kelley Gorman of the Pelican Rapids Press were also present.

Meeting called to order by Mayor Woessner.

Bond Refinancing and WWTF Personnel were added to the agenda.  Motion by Waller, seconded by Foster to approve the additions to the agenda.  Motion passed unanimously.

Motion by Waller, seconded by Foster to approve the 03-31-09 Accounts Payable Listing as presented.  Motion passed unanimously.

Fire Chief Trevor Steeves reviewed the Otter Tail County’s decision to migrate to the 800 megaherz radio system.  The County will be the lead agency on the Federal Fire Act Grant for the radio equipment.  The Fire Department’s matching portion would be 20% or about $14,000. Steeves also discussed two Homeland Security Grants for smaller equipment and a larger one for a ladder truck. A fourth grant application, also for a ladder truck, is through Rural Development with the US Department of Agriculture.  This depends on City’s ability to pay and requires a form signed by the Mayor and Clerk regarding ability to finance the proposed truck.

Administrator Don Solga said that as the migration to the 800 megahertz radio system is completed, the City will need to purchase new equipment for the police department and public works department.  The police department and public works cost is estimated at $60,000.

Motion by Foster, seconded by Waller to proceed to apply for the Federal Fire Act Grant with Otter Tail County as lead agency for 800 megahertz radio equipment for the Fire Department as recommended by Fire Chief Trevor Steeves. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion by Foster, seconded by Waller to apply for the USDA Rural Development Grant and authorize the mayor and clerk to sign the certificate regarding financial ability to pay for the proposed truck.  Motion passed unanimously.

Administrator Don Solga reviewed THE PETITION OF CERTAIN PERSONS FOR ANNEXATION PURSUANT TO MINNESOTA STATUTES 414.033, SUBD. 2(3).  This petition regards property in the Northwest ¼ of Northwest ¼ of Section 26, Township 136, Range 43, Parcel No. 500000260195001 in Pelican Township and was presented to the City requesting annexation by Scott Fox, as Personal Representative of the Estate of Chauncey Dean Fox.

Motion by Foster, seconded by Waller to accept the petition for annexation and set the time and place for the hearing for 05-11-09 at 6:00 p.m., Council Chambers by introducing the following written resolution entitled, RESOLUTION CALLING FOR PUBLIC HEARING ON THE ANNEXATION OF CERTAIN PROPERTY LOCATED IN PELICAN TOWNSHIP TO THE CITY OF PELICAN RAPIDS, MINNESOTA . (A complete text of this resolution is part of permanent public record in the City Clerk’s Office.) Motion passed unanimously and resolution declared duly adopted.

Motion by Waller, seconded by Foster to accept Liquor Store Manager Bob Leslie’s recommendation to authorize hiring Derek Boone as a liquor store employee at $7.40 per hour, the first step on the Liquor Store Salary Schedule.  Motion passed unanimously.

Administrator Don Solga reviewed the process for a site study regarding contamination at the site of the new liquor store.  Terracon, Inc. and Millsop Associates will submit proposals for the limited site investigation.  Administrator Solga also reviewed a proposal that previous owner of the liquor store site and responsible party, Chris Bergquist, is willing to share in the costs for a limited site investigation.  Motion by Waller, seconded by Foster to authorize the City Attorney Greg Larson to draft an agreement between the City and Chris Bergquist that he will pay 10% of the limited site investigation.  Motion passed unanimously. Administrator Don Solga said the City will apply to Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Petrofund for reimbursement for 90% of the cost.

Mayor Woessner and Administrator Don Solga discussed the Statewide Tornado Drill scheduled for 04-23-09.  Council Members received a list of their duties and phone numbers to use in case of an emergency situation.

Clerk-Treasurer Glenys Ehlert discussed the refinancing of three bond issues that qualify to use the State’s Credit Enhancement Program through the Public Facilities Authority.  Bond Consultant Monte Eastvold notified the City that this would be an excellent opportunity for the City of Pelican Rapids to save money by reducing future debt service payments. Council Member Foster and Council agreed to invite Monte Eastvold to attend the 04-13-09 meeting to discuss bond refinancing.

Motion by Waller, seconded by Foster to accept the resignation due to retirement of Marlan Dale Peterson on 05-15-09. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion by Foster, seconded by Waller to authorize advertising and posting the water, wastewater operator position.  Motion passed unanimously.

Motion by Foster, seconded by Waller to adjourn the meeting at 5:40 p.m.  Motion passed unanimously.

Glenys Ehlert, CMC

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