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City of Pelican Rapids


August 7, 2008



Monday, August 11, 2008                       5:30 p.m.         Council Chambers, 315 N. Broadway

1.                  Call to Order

2.                  Agenda Additions or Deletions

3.                  Approval of Minutes

4.                  Approval of Accounts Payable Listing

5.                  Police Chief Report

6.         Utility Superintendent Report

7.         Street/Park Superintendent Report

8.         Library Report

9.         Financial Report

10.       Planning Commission Report

11.       Otter Tail County – Tax Forfeited Land Sale

12.       Chamber of Commerce Oktoberfest Committee Raffle Permit – 10-11-08 – VFW

13.       WWTF Phosphorous Improvement Project Re-Bid Report

14.       Water Plant Controls Improvement Project Report



The City Council of Pelican Rapids met in regular session at 5:30 p.m., on Monday, 08-11-08, in Council Chambers, City Hall.  Mayor Wayne Runningen, Council Members David Gottenborg, Ben Woessner, Richard Peterson and John E. Waller, III were present.  No one was absent.  Administrator Don Solga, Clerk-Treasurer Glenys Ehlert, Police Chief Jeff Stadum, Street and Park Superintendent Brian Olson, Utilities Superintendent Brent E. Frazier, Library Director Annie Wrigg, Steve Foster and Judy Marko were also present.


Mayor Runningen called meeting to order.


Old Fire Hall was added to the Agenda.  There were no deletions.


Motion by Woessner, seconded by Waller to approve the minutes of 07-14-08, 07-22-08 and 07-29-08 as presented.  Motion passed unanimously.


Motion by Peterson, seconded by Waller to approve payment of the 08-11-08 Accounts Payable Listing as presented.  Listing includes Liquor Store and Library bills. Motion passed unanimously.


Police Chief Jeff Stadum presented his report.


Utility Superintendent Brent Frazier reported that Well No. 15 has some fine sand being pumped and they are keeping an eye on it.  The punch list is completed on Well No. 15.  Well No. 12 needs additional work.  Superintendent Frazier said that rehabilitation of Well No. 12 seems marginal.  City is currently spreading sludge on land west and north of the city.  Administrator Solga said Well No.14 is no longer being pumped.  The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) no longer is paying maintenance on it.  Administrator Solga and Superintendent Frazier recommend pulling Well No. 14, do preventive maintenance and rehab it to keep in useful condition.  MPCA has said that the benzene plume may eventually be gone and Well No. 14 could be pumped at a future date.  Mayor Runningen said it’s a good idea to pull the pump.  Motion by Peterson, seconded by Gottenborg to authorize pulling pump and performing preventive maintenance for Well No. 14.  Motion passed unanimously.


Street and Park Superintendent Brian Olson said the street project got under way on July 16th.  “Things are going along very well; it’s been a smooth project,” he said.  They are looking at pavement the week of August 18th.  Airport project will be started Wednesday, 08-13-08.  “If everything goes well, the project could be done by Labor Day,” he continued.


Superintendent Olson reported that he has sent letters to people with curb stops that don’t work requiring that they repair them or the City will repair and assess to their property.


He reported that the cottonwood trees in the park have been trimmed.  The irrigation system has been extended.  “This helps keep the flowers and grass looking good,” he continued.


Superintendent Olson said, “We finally have the right management style at the pool and things are going great.  In addition summer park workers Kate Woolever and Porfirio Diaz Martinez will be finishing up this week and heading off to college.”


Library Director Annie Wrigg reported that the library is staying busy.  They have a lot of out of state people in the library since Turkey Days. Library staff members have been hearing that town is looking good.  The laptop computers for the classes will arrive in September.


Clerk-Treasurer Glenys Ehlert presented 07-31-08 Financial Reports.


Administrator Don Solga presented information from the Planning Commission meeting of 08-05-08.  Commissioners accepted Dan Skinner’s resignation with regret and recommended appointing Jamison Stromberg to fill the balance of Skinner’s term through December, 2009.  Motion by Waller, seconded by Woessner to accept Planning Commission’s recommendation to appoint Jamison Stromberg as a Planning Commissioner for the unexpired term of Dan Skinner, through December, 2009.  Motion passed unanimously.


Planning Commissioners recommended adoption of amendment to ordinance for Zoning Requirements for Small Buildings as referenced.  Motion by Woessner, seconded by Waller to introduce the following resolution, introducing ORDINANCE NO. 08-04, entitled AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CITY CODE SECTION 905.05 – RELATING TO BUILDING AND LAND USE REGULATION PART 5. ZONING ORDINANCE GENERAL REQUIREMENTS.  (A complete text of this resolution is part of permanent public record in the City Clerk’s Office.)  Motion passed unanimously and resolution declared duly adopted.  The ordinance will be in full force and effect upon publication.


The Planning Commission established that they will schedule meetings on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 a.m.  If there is no business to bring before the Planning Commission, then the meeting will be cancelled.


Motion by Gottenborg, seconded by Peterson to accept the Planning Commission’s recommendation to approve Cooper Stewart’s request for a lot split on Hwy. 59, SW of David Spidahl, Parcel No. 76-000-22-0005-007.  Motion passed unanimously.


Administrator Solga reviewed tax forfeited parcels in the City of Pelican Rapids available for City.  City Council members did not want to obtain any of the parcels available for public purposes.


Motion by Peterson, seconded by Waller to approve the Application for Exempt Permit for the Pelican Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce to conduct a raffle on 10-11-08 at the VFW Club.  Motion passed unanimously.


Administrator Solga reported that Engineer Pat Reisnour has prepared the Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvement for Phosphorous Management Base Bid with an Alternate for Back-up Generators as Package A.  Package B will be a 1 Million Gallon Sludge Tank and Package C will be two styles of lagoon aeration.  Plans and specs for City review will be available on Monday, 08-18-08.


As part of re-bidding the Wastewater Phosphorus Improvement Project, the City needs to approve an amendment to the agreement referencing re-bid plans and dates.  Motion by Peterson, seconded by Gottenborg to approve the AMENDMENT TO WASTEWATER TREATMENT FACILITY PHOSPHORUS MANAGEMENT IMPROVEMENTS AGREEMENT.  (A complete text of this agreement is part of permanent public record in the City Clerk’s Office.)  Motion passed unanimously.


Administrator Don Solga has issued the letter of intent to Northern Plains Contracting, Inc., successful bidder on the Water Control Improvement Project.  The City will be looking at a change order to extend the completion date on the project due to delay in awarding bid.


Council Member Peterson asked about the City’s plans regarding the Old Fire Hall.  Administrator Don Solga said the committee hasn’t considered it recently.  Council Member Peterson requested that the City put a price on the building and advertise it for sale.  Solga mentioned that the youth group was interested in the building.  Mayor Runningen said he suggested looking at using the building to help people get into business.  Solga said he has been contacted by a business who would like to lease from the City as a start- up.


 “I think it’s foolish to just let the building sit there,” Peterson concluded.  Motion by Peterson, seconded by Gottenborg to advertise the Old Fire Hall for sale. Motion passed unanimously.


Meeting adjourned at 6:40 p.m.



Glenys Ehlert, CMC



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