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City of Pelican Rapids



January 14, 2010





The September Park Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at 8:00 a.m. in the City Hall, Council Chambers. 


January 27, 2010 Meeting Agenda:



                        APPROVAL OF December 30, 2009 MINUTES


                        ADDITIONS / DELETIONS TO AGENDA



                        Council actions since last meeting
















January 27, 2010

8:00 a.m.

The City of Pelican Rapids Park Board held its regular meeting at 8:00a.m., Wednesday, December 30, 2009, Council Chambers, City Hall, 315 N Broadway.  Board Members, Mel Zierke, Sandy Irey, David Gottenborg,  Terra Fitzsimmons, Denise Magnusson ,and secretary Annie Wrigg were present. Mikalya Jensen and Sally Huynh were absent. City Administrator Don Solga, Street and Park Superintendent Brian Olson also present.


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mel Zierke 8:05 a.m. Quorum established.


Gottenborg made a motion to approve the December 30, 2009 minutes. Magnusson seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously with change to the date.


Additions:       Skate Rink

Deletions:        None


Gottenborg made a motion to approve the agenda. Wrigg seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


Council Actions Since Last Meeting: Approve 2010 members and terms.



VETERAN’S MEMORIAL PARK :  Irey talked to Community Service about purchasing things for park.

Prices for picnic tables was discussed. Worry about wood and the possibility of  a maintenance issue.

Solga thinks due to the weight should they be place on a foundation with pavers and get an estimate for those at the same time.

Zierke do we need to draw out the plan so we know what we need and then how much so that we can start asking for money. Olson knows that it is 66 ft between curb and Seniors. The length of curb running East and West is 126ft for the curb. Is there a drainage issue? Olson stated lots of dirt work needed throughout the park. There is concern about how the west end holds water. On the drawings people should have ideas on what stuff they want and where. How are we gonna deal with possible water issue in the gravel area? Gottenborg thinks we should add two curved benches to put under the clump trees. Current talk of two curved benches, two high back benches, two – three circle tables. Irey will talk to the company to get better numbers and quotes. Olson asked if they have anything that is ADA compatible. Zierke do we want the tables near each other. Irey is gonna get prices for benches wood and concrete. Two benches, two curved benches, two picnic table, and one ADA one. Making sure that we have a possible ADA compliance issue needs to overhang 19 inches. Gottenborg back to discussing of the drainage issue for the gravel area. Gottenborg suggested a possible drainage tile. Run 4 inch pipe from the curb to the river. Make it so the pipe is enclosed and hidden. Then cover, the pipe as we fill in for the park. Solga suggested crushed asphalt and then let the water seep in. Zierke do we need do we need garbage bins. Gottenborg will work with someone for the further design of the park. Gottenborg will bring a placement of stuff and discus at the next meeting. Once we know what we want we can then go to the organizations an ask for assistance. Gottenborg how much to irrigate it? Olson price irrigation for the next meeting. Olson how are we going to recognize  people who donate? Discussion of options.  Gottenborg is bringing back for plan for placement of things in the park. Gottenborg is also talking with garden clubs for perennial donations. Gottenborg will have to walk off so he can get the estimate for pavers. Gottenborg will check with a local person to see if he is still interested in helping.




DG : left 8:55am


Welcome Chairs : Magnusson talked to Chip yesterday. All the chairs  are all out there and the paint is out there, but need to inventory of paint. Magnusson, Joanna, and Troy Poach picked up the chairs. They are up at Maplewood clinic. Magnusson will look at the chairs and see what we need. We need new paint. Olson suggested Fergus Falls hazardous waste site and can select paint from there. Steve Marsh might be willing to help with some stabilization. And need to find out if we have enough kids to do another project. High School students need community service hours.


TERMS: Terms held by Mel Zierke and Sandy Irey are up at the end of 2010


Skate rink : closed for a few days because of the warm weather, and rain killed the ice. Mike is willing to sharpen skates.


3-5 year plan : Planters and flowers. Place on Feb agenda to talk of planters. Painting of windmill need to find someone to paint it with in the budget. If there was extra money then we will work on the sidewalk along the river by Pelican Drug and possible stairs between Pelican Drug and State Bank.


Magnusson and Fitzsimmons left at 9:10am


meeting closed at 9:10am


Respectfully submitted



Annie M Wrigg

Park Board Secretary


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