City of Pelican Rapids 




March 10, 2010

8:00 a.m.

The City of Pelican Rapids Park Board held a special meeting at 8:00a.m., Wednesday, March 10, 2010,

Council Chambers, City Hall, 315 N Broadway. Board Members, Mel Zierke, Sandy Irey, Denise

Magnusson ,and secretary Annie Wrigg were present. Mikalya Jensen, David Gottenborg, Terra

Fitzsimmons and Sally Huynh were absent. City Administrator Don Solga, Street and Park Superintendent

Brian Olson also present.

Zierke presented a recap of the Council meeting. He felt it went well. The City granted the $2500 start up

money. Zierke provided a new picture. Mayor suggested about the finding out how much each flower bed

cost and then people or organization could pay for one.

Olson acknowledgment board. Olson suggested that we get the design.

Zierke worked to draw as to scale as possible.

Olson was wondering what color for the block around the beds or for the retaining wall. Do we match

what is there. Red for the garden and under the tables. Brown for the wall by the Senior Center.

Olson irrigation $5666.00 after talking Greg Nelson, might be lower. Curb $4860. Walking path $8500

asphalt. Lighting still working. Pavers still working on. Black Dirt is covered. Storm drain, $1000.

Leveling of the area, $700. Brian has talked to the boy scouts and Kevin Ballard will have someone

looking for and Eagle Scout project with flag for the Veterans, possibly on the west knoll.

Don to give updated on finances. We have spent some of the money for that grant minus $6800 and

another $6000 for engineers. There is about $6600 left which the Council has given $2500. We could ask

Council to use some of the parking lot money for the parking lot to the west of first street. There is now a

possibility of up to $9500.

Zierke and Irey to present to Rotary.

Zierke would like to place next big items. Path is the next big thing. Feel that path is very close. We need

to place the benches. Irey will talk to Patio World and see how much the tables weigh.

Solga suggested the Park Board should apply for $1000 grant from the EDC. Sandy will check with

Rotary to see if they are ordering stuff from Patio World to help bring down the price.

Acknowledgment wall for later.

Lighting to get set as soon as possible.

Email Terra about letter. Can she have a draft by next meeting? What do we include for a want list? We

need to have Press coverage.

Placement of benches and tables and lights. Zierke to update the picture and give to Gottenborg for

placement of trees.

Chamber (SI), Rotary(MZ&SI), Library(SI), VFW(MZ), Friends of the Library(SI), Senior Citizens(MZ),

Community Service(SI).

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